Monday, July 2, 2012


I joined the "My Umbrella blew inside out this morning and had to remain acting cool" Club. Yep it happened haha my Burberry umbrella was taken by the horrid wind this morning and bam! Broken.

I snapped this morning from my desk - So cold and miserable outside! Melbournes weather has been dreadful - I already miss summer.

Random shot at work on Friday morning - Coffee and Friday . My day was complete
Friday night we where lucky enough to go back into our new apartment as the current tenant needed some help from D to move some heavy things around - Going back makes me want to move in there NOW! I snapped this photo from the balcony - its the same as our current view now but of course its nicer because its from our new place - actually we get more of a longer view than we currently do!

Hello City Lights!
Today at Lunch time we went and signed our lease - Offically ours!
Now bring on friday the 13th (Never thought I'd hear myself say that!)

Over the weekend we went to Bunnings in Port Melbourne to have a look at some Outdoor furniture for our new balcony - Our current one has nothing on it because its not big enough So the thought of outdoor furniture is exciting! I never knew that Bunnings stocked SO much It felt like IKEA.

Such pretty lights!
This one is for the bedside tables - I love them! Dim preferred the smaller white ones but I preferred the black one.

Then we moved onto the outside - In true style the greek with the meat cooker
I think I have a new love for Bunnings!

Have you ever gone there for those types of things? I always thought it was wood and timber and nails and bolts ect..haha!

Tax time is right around the corner, as y'all know I started my new job this year so I already have recieved my group certificate from my previous employer now I just need my current one then i'll lodge and await the nice suprise in my bank account yipeeee!
Do you do your own tax or have an accountant!?


  1. I think I have the exact same BBQ. It's good. I miss being able to BBQ in Winter - just too cold and dreary outside!

  2. I do my own tax, but I hate tax time.. damn HECS debt :(

    I love bunnings, so many wonderful things!

  3. I have been to that Bunnings, got some DIY stuff, agree, it is huge!

    And I thought those lamps looked familiar, then remembered my mum has them on her bedside tables! They match the black/crystal chandelier she has hanging and look great with the wide (50cm) tan and white striped wall behind the bed.

    And my dad is an accountant, don't have to put much effort into my own tax :-)

  4. Before getting our place i have never set foot inside Bunnings, now me and DH spend most of our weekends there.

  5. Hey hol....

    I hate the umbrella flip! This damn weather was been so depressing I hate it! I hear u on that one!

    I've been to bunnings a few times on my own and look so out of place trying to find what I'm looking for! Usually I drag dad with me hehe there are some good odds and ends there that is for sure.

    Very exciting about the move :)

  6. Argh to the umbrella! But I know the look you mean.. "Everythings fine.. Infact it didn't even happen.. Right?"

    Bunnings is the best, I actually love looking around there.

    It's great that the new apartment has a balcony that's bigger, that's gotta make it extra exciting!

    My mum is our accountant :)


  7. wow i didnt know bunnings stocked all that awesome stuff either!

    i do my own tax with that program you can download from the tax website...its pretty easy and i got most of my tax back last year.