Saturday, July 28, 2012


Have you jumped onto MOR cosmetics yet? I was drawn to them because of their chic, sassy and stylish look - I'm addicted to having eye catching products in my hand bag - also because my bag is lined with Black lining its even easier to find colorful things!

2 Lip Macarons
1 - Cassis Noir (Which is my favourite!)
2. French Vanilla

Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture!

I know some people are really particular about what goes into products and so you should be, I am always opting for cosmetics that arent tested on animals etc.
See below for Ingredients.

MOR cosmetics have such a variety of products they have a varierty of flavours/scents in their lip Macarons also Candles, Soap, hand lotions, body scrubs, perfumes, body oil and body products.
Check out their website for more products!

Why I liked the the lip care range - It was smooth to apply, left my lips feeling smooth, glossy but not sticky! (Some lip glosses that I've used have that awful sticky feeling but not with these!) Also best part of all as its not a "coloured" lip gloss it left my lips feeling natural and without turning my lips a different colour! I actually used this as a base before I applied my lipstick for work this week!

Now for the fun part.. A GIVEAWAY

I have 3 Marshmallow soaps for 3 readers to win.
These soaps are new in the MOR soap collection - Pink, Smells like Marshmallows and will leave your skin feeling amazing and smelling twice as good.

All you have to do is a be a follower of That Brunette One, leave a comment below (Be creative!) and include your email address.
Entries Close next Saturday 4th August.


  1. MOR Cosmetics, what a treat!
    With packaging that looks so neat.
    Marshmallows, are oh so yummy.
    They belong in my tummy.
    But these will clean my skin instead.

    No rhyming for the last line lol. Written with the help of my husband, hope you enjoyed that!

    my email: sarahvtran [at] hotmail [dot] com

  2. lovely giveaway!!! sorry im not very creative lol

    theuglymoments at gmail dot com

  3. Im copying hahahah from sarayh

    Hi holly its me!
    I would really like to win the MOR giveaway you see.
    I really have never tried them before .
    But I have been told I will adore.
    This poem is shit.
    So this is going to be the last bit.

    xxxxx ahhahahahahah

  4. Looooooove MOR cosmetics! They smell so good. When I used to work as a pharmacy assistant, would head over to the beauty section and slather myself with the pomegranate body butter and I'd smell divine the whole day!

    I'm wanting to get the yummy smelling body butters and keep them in each bathroom when I finally move into my new house (damn tenants!) and also put one in the guest bedroom as a special great for my visitors! :)

    Hopefully I can have these soaps and lip butters in my bathrooms too! ;) xx

  5. I saw these on Ozsale but wasn't too sure about them! I'm fussy when it comes to lip products, but looks like I should have grabbed some.. Hopefully there will be a next time!

    Haha as for creative... Sorry not so much! But do think if they really are that Marshmellowish - I may just eat my skin after using it.. and that could get arkward...


  6. Yummm marshmallow is my favourite of the MOR scents... Smells more like musk than marshmallows, I think.

    Ummm, I think my creativity has been frozen off... damn you Melbourne chill!! What might help is some yummy MOR soaps *cheesy grin*

  7. Yummm marshmallow is my favourite of the MOR scents... Smells more like musk than marshmallows, I think.

    Ummm, I think my creativity has been frozen off... damn you Melbourne chill!! What might help is some yummy MOR soaps *cheesy grin*

  8. I am not creative, I can't rhyme, rap or even draw but I loooveee to smell good and make people want to eat me - lol okay that sounded crude, but you know I love perfumes soaps etc that smell edible lol. Okay i'm done now :P


  9. gimme mor!!!

    thanks xxxxx

  10. OMG give me something nice for me - my toddler robs me of all my gooodies!!!!

  11. For the record, to say that I love smell good stuff would be an understatement! :) I have spent over 200 in the past two weeks alone on smelling yummy! And hey, it has worked out! My hubby can't stay away from me! But I also can't get anything productive oh well!

  12. Charmaine CampbellAugust 2, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    Please Sir, I want some MOR!

  13. And of course I forgot to put my e-mail's

  14. Just when I'm ready to
    Start on my ears
    That is the time that my
    Soap disappears.
    It jumps from my fingers and
    Slithers and slides
    Down to the end of the
    Tub, where it hides.

    And acts in a most diso-
    Bedient way.
    And that's why my soap's growing
    Thinner each day.

    "That is why i need a new soap":)

  15. MOR is simply delicious! The MOR I use the MOR comments I get on how lovely I smell! Makes my day sooo much MOR!! My favourite (currently) is snow gardenia hand creme! Just a little goes a long long way!! I know I won't win with this comment but thank you for inventing MOR!!

  16. Life without MOR
    is like an unmelted S'more
    a sad and disappointing bore.

    That's why I hope
    I win the marshmallow soap!

  17. Oooh, I'd love to smell of marshallows and have silky, soft skin. Can I have some MOR please???

  18. LOVE the MOR marshmallow range! And how gorgeous are their products?! Would love to win the soap!

  19. MOR smells incredible.The Yummy Marshmallow smells mouth watering delicious.The Gardenia hand cream smells so fresh and clean...I have gottem so many compliments whem I wear these wonderful,divine ,amazing,spectacular,and scrumptious Mor.products
    .They are like paradise in Heaven.Mor Products are FABULOUS.The packaging is absolutely Gorgeous.Hopefully,I can have these soaps and lip butters in my spa bathroom.Thank you for the fresh clean mouthwatering freshness of MOR...DELICIOUS... AND DIVINE...SQUEEKY CLEAN, and Amazing!!!

  20. Dear God,
    Thank you for my ovaries.
    They give me permission to saturate myself in scents that turn heads, evoke passion and indulge hedisiom. With a spray or a wipe I can become fun, flirty and fabulous becoming not just a mother and wife but a princess from exotic lands. Collectively we cheer and celebrate us daughters of Eve!

  21. M agnificent
    O pulent
    R evered

    LOVE Marshmallow!

  22. I just want to say I would love to win anything to do with MOR... love them.
    Thanks for the opportunity..

  23. I would love to win anything that has to do with MOR.. Love them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. I love MOR it awakens my senses with its'creative and elegant mix of traditional and modern apothecary! Pure innovation in every product.

  25. WOW, I would love to be the winner of this give- away! I mean, who would say NO to a freebie haha :)

    Ive heard Nothing but GOOD stuff about MOR so would love to try it and share it with my family & friends <3

    I LOVE: Pretty things, things that smell nice & things that pamper me & this looks like it has all that :) I also have not won anything in my life, so I would be a HAPPY girl if i won this!!

    PLEASE consider me :) LOVE candice <3 xo

  26. MOR love
    MOR happiness
    MOR music
    MOR sunshine
    MOR babies
    MOR girlfriends
    MOR marshmallow please xx

  27. I'm not Rich, nor Pretty, or Stylish, or am Glamorous, and forbid would I go into Myer to buy Cosmetics... but when I purchase MOR online ---- I FEEL BEAUTIFUL - just for a moment... as I lather myself, or light my candle, or admire my precious tins (yes i collect them)... Thank you MOR - nothing else has come close - Except my Precious Husband - Of Course - who loves the Vanilla scent...

  28. I'm not Pretty, Slim, Stylish, Have lots of Money, and Heaven forbid would I ever shop at Myer... but since purchasing MOR online, I feel Womanly, Special, and nothing else has ever done that - except for my Precious Husband Barry ... Thank you MOR for giving me that experience... For people like me who are too afraid to shop, to purchase such a beautiful product online is a joy.

  29. i wish for
    MOR love, kindness, happiness, forgiveness, babies, belly laughs, cups of tea, understanding and sunshine.
    I thank MOR for
    You're beautiful products that make me feel cherished, soft, beautiful and feminine

  30. I have never tried any of the MOR products....amazing but true.
    I am planning on getting my daughters MOR candles for Christmas though.
    How great if i could win this and smell amazing...good enough to eat.

    meedee89 @

  31. I always look at MOR products in gift shops and myer but I haven't actually tried any of it. The lip macarons sound lovely.


  32. Marshmallows are delicious and just a tasty treat,
    Wonder if MOR marshmallow soap will be good enough to eat.


  33. I haven't tried MOR products yet, but the packaging is gorgeous. very feminine, and vintage. I can't wait to sample some at Ulta to find my personal favorite.