Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have managed to escape catching the horrid cold for most of the winter but now it's hit me like bam!
Lastnight after work I struggled to get home I felt so heavy and lethargic when I got home I got some Sudafed into me, lemsip (Apparently your not meant to mix this with anything but eh gime gime gime!) Panadol and some Vicks VapoRub onto me and went to bed with a box of tissues.

I slept until about 10pm when Dim came to bed and then woke me up - I couldnt sleep after that so spent the night tossing and turning  I remember curling upto him then he asked me to "Go back to my side of the bed, your sick!" Pfht.. Nice!  Then woke up this morning at 7.30 thinking I should call in sick and then remembered all the appoiments I had booked.. Gah.

So i've become of those people I hate "Sick People that come to work!" Ew.
All day I have been blinking non stop - When I'm sick my sinus plays up and my eyes go all funny so I need to blink 100 times to see straight again.
Nickname - BlinkyBill

I got onto the strepsils this morning
Not that you can really tell but I'm wearing a purple/grape nail polish that I didnt even know I had until I started rummaging through my collection.

Tomorrow's the big move I feel like rub-ash!
What cures your cold/flu?


  1. Poo! Hope you feel better ASAP!!

    Good luck with your big move! xx

  2. I caught your post before you deleted it and I am really sorry to hear such tragic news x

    1. Thanks! I deleted it because the video link didnt work and therefore the whole post didnt make sense, I'll get my tech brain on it and try to work it out x

    2. Yeah I wondered where that went! Hope you feel better soon too :-) x

  3. Red wine and some major sleep, along with doona days watching old Buffy episodes. And chicken soup. Hoope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh nooo! I hope you're feeling better soon xx

    My brother and boyfriend have a severe case of man flu... you know the one where the whole world is surely going to end, and they moan and whine so that nobody can forget it?! Haha. Unfortunately I think that means illness is 100% on the cards for me. I'll moan and whine twice as much as them, so they get a taste of their own medicine!

  5. Aw no I hope it passes soon! Did you know lemsip already has panadol in it so you dont need to take the extra panadol (pharmacy nerd coming out).
    I'm starting to get a little bit of it too - the sore throat and blocked head. 2 people at my work are really sick and theyre spreading it!! i bought some hand sanitizer to keep at my desk and stop the germ spread.
    how are those 'warm' strepsils anyway? ive heard them being advertised.

  6. Aww no that sounds horrid!! I really hope you get better soon - I always turn to antibiotics to get better, but that's not a great answer I know...

  7. Are the new WARM strepsils any good? I keep hearing them advertised.

    Sleep is my answer to getting better, but usually that's not possible... so I struggle through with panedine and tissues!

    I hope you get over it quickly xx

  8. Ohhh sucks your sick. Hopefully you start feeling better soon!
    I saw on instagram you guys have moved in =D how exciting! and nice view from your bed =]