Monday, July 9, 2012


My favourite piece by far. YSL can do no wrong.

The sunshine was out to play on Saturday and play we did! Actually not really I never wanted to be a real estate agent growing up but on Saturday we had our first open house and we had to show tenants through the apartment (not that there is alot to show ha!)

After that we took to the beach for a walk the weather was so nice!
Saturday night we got some dinner and then spent the night on the couch - It was our last weekend in our apartment  and we have both jumped aboard the "lets save cash" mission we spent it watching shocking movies that I had to pretend to like. Along the way I managed to put my neck out. When I woke up on Sunday I couldnt turn my neck and I was in pain central.

I spent the day curled up in my doona skipping between Friends and SATC boxsets. I'd had enough of the pain by lunch time and decided to do something about it - I went to the supermarket with a mission - I'd never noticed how many neck and back pain tablets there is out there! (Thankfully I never get sore necks/backs!)

I found this Emulgel by Volataren - My neck went numb - It felt amazing.
I woke up this morning and the pain had gone. Thankfully, but does neck pain come and go or was it just a short term injury because I pulled a muscle in my neck?

Lastnight before bed I did some cheeky online shopping and by shopping I mean "Add to Cart" and then slowly rip myself away from the computer and try not to think about the many items I've just mentally brought.

I need some new Pj's so I am going to check out what Peter Alexander have as I'm a huge fan.

Ive noticed the huge Ombre phase thats taken over - I love it! Everyone that I've seen had it done it looks amazing on them! At first I wanted to get a really dramatic change but then after looking around at some photos and getting ideas I have decided to go for a more subtle look - My hairdresser is away for the next two weeks and I'm two fussy to go to someone else so I'll wait for her to return.

This is the look I want


  1. That ombre look would so suit you!!! Doooo it!

    It was nice on Saturday, wasnt it?! I was basking in the sunshine in the window of a cafe, was sooo nice.
    And LOL at your sneaky purchase on VS... I seem to do that all the time much so that 95% of my underwear is VS...what can I say, they are soo comfy!

  2. I like the hair!

    I woke up with a stiff neck once and after a day or so it just went away. Like you I to have no idea how I did it!

    Cute pj's are the best... I'm a big fan! Go you for holding off on the spend... Online shopping is just so tempting though!

  3. Ahh, I bet that ombre look would be amazing on you! Love the YSL ring too, it's just so pretty x

  4. ahh YSL, you are right, they do no wrong! The Ombre look is pretty... only if it's done well! I've seen some nasty attempts! Good luck I'm sure it will be a hit! x