Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am addicted to Hot chocolate - there is no denying that.

Ever since we got our Aldi Coffee Machine and the Hot Chocolate Pods my life has been complete, but lastnight Dim brought home the MAP pods I'm not sure where abouts you buy them from but they are oh so good! It tastes like real chocolate.

I've been so slack with the gym lately because work has been taking over but come next week (I'll have the weekend to be lazy!) and I'll get back into it. I've come to realise that I'll start and go hard for 5 days straight and then cbf for the next 5 and then go back into it for another 5.. Its so strange. Moving on to other exciting things - I had a wardrobe cull the other day and have just finished a eBay haul (My link in on my page, check it out) I've decided to give eBay one last chance - Ive had a bad experience with a buyer lately who didnt have the correct postal address on their account and failed to mention this to me until they still hadnt recieved their item a week late.. Grr

I finally finished my Kris Jenner - book that I got for my birthday.. Interesting book and Im not sure my thoughts is Kris Jenner real or fake? I havent watched the latest episode of KUWTK Season 7 but I heard that she "runs into" the man that she had the affair with? Do you believe that or do you think its as staged as anything!? I mean C'mon she just realeased the book and then she see's him. #fake

If you could ask the Kardashian Clan one thing.. What would it be!?

Ps: Thanks for the love on my previous post with our new apartment - I get comments on my voice all the time sometimes people say I have a "Pommie" Accent but I dont see it.


  1. Firstly, I am completely jealous of you and your hot chocolate goodness in the comfort of your own home! Secondly, I hope ebaying goes better for you this time! Thirdly, that book made me realise what a money w**re she really is, Kim is just like her too it seems!

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  3. where do i sign up for the hot choccie addiction group LOL
    McDonalds hot chocolate almost every day for me

  4. Mmmmm hot chocolate! Sounds delicious on this freeeeeezing cold night! Hmm, I think I'd ask if Kim & Kris's marriage was fake - but I'd tell her if she lied to me that I'd then put her in a special kind of hell where the only clothing stores around were Supre, Valley Girl, Temt etc haha xx

  5. I am dying to get one of those Aldi machines! I saw a whole bunch in stock at Aldi today, but had to refrain. Must at least wait until we're in the new place! Boyfriend doesn't approve though - he's not a coffee drinker! Looks amazing though xx

  6. haha im the same with the gym! one week ill go for 5 days and the next week i go for 2 days. but my trainers are like WHERE WERE YOU when i dont show up, therefore i feel more obliged to go! haha

    i will check out your ebay store! i hate having bad experiences on there... i also hate when you sell like 3 things at once and 2 of the buyers will pay right away and the 3rd one waits a freakin week to pay and doesnt reply to your messages...rahh!!

  7. I haven't had hot chocolate in ages and seriously with the chill outside right now I could do with one! Good luck with the eBay thing, I know what you mean it's sooo annoying when that happens and YOU have to end up paying for postage out of your own pocket because of their mistake, and thats to say if you even get the parcel back too FYI! Urgh!

    Have a lovely day!

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