Monday, July 16, 2012

1...2...3 ..LIFT!

All done and dusted.... well almost!
 Friday after work we started the move to our new apartment to be honest it wasnt as bad as I first thought - We only moved 2 apartments down the hallway but it was alot of back and forth - and with a major head cold and body aches it wasnt how I'd perfer to be spending the night. Thankfully my muscles better known as Dim did most of the lifting - Eg  fridge, washing machine, etc. I think I nearly killed myself helping him shift the lounge suite - Which we couldnt drag along.
 We did room by room which made it ALOT easier - First was the bedroom which took a good hour moving the bed, clothes, shoes, shoes oh and some more shoes, bedside tables etc. I called it quits after that and we went and got some dinner.

Dims cousin came over around 1am after he finished being out on the town and sadly didnt get to go home with any ladies, (Note: Post about Dims single and Eligable cousin coming soon!) Dim and S where telling a story when all of sudden I didnt understand it - So in true greeks style they both stood up and explained the story start to finish with hand motions. Cheers

We went to bed around 3am.
We had our Final Open house on Saturday morning and we had record numbers (10) People come past our old apartment and they all sounded positive - Fingers crossed they apply and move in so we can get rid of it!

I'll post some photos of the apartment when we sort our stuff out!

My newsest favourite scent - I have finished decorating/setting up my bedside table
Vogue magazines and perfume.  I need to buy a new lamp to go with it.

Talking about purchases - D is always on at me for buying expensive shoes, clothes, makeup and whatnots that "I already have" Not true but anyway Yesterday I saw this little price tag on his jacket! I know that Jackets are allowed to be expensive but..DOUBLE STANDARDS! Game on buddy.

Feeling much better this week but still sniffing away! Im still in that Odd stage where my new apartment doesnt feel like mine and our old apartment is where I should be! Once we are all unpacked, decorated and set up it should be good but one thing thats amazing is the amount of space!


  1. Lol love the conversation with the hands !

    It'll feel like yours soon, it is a weird sensation though.

    Glad your feeling better...

    And wow... That's a lot for a jacket I think... Go buy new shoes haha

  2. Hope you are getting all settled in, I have moved when sick before and it is horrible!

  3. Yay for being moved! The hard part is over, now the fun stuff can begin!