Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Okay.. I need your advice. As you guys know I had a massive hair cut a few months back where I got my locks chopped at first it grew like cray and now its come to a hault! I noticed I have a number of split ends so I've taken to my hair and cut the ones I could see out and it feels ALOT better.
I've never really had a problem with split ends before so I want your advice on what products you use to protect your hair!? I use Kerastase hair shampoo and conditioner and switch between the Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and I know they have some hair repair products, but wanted to get the low down from you guys first?!

Now to my favourite topic - Food

I have my favourite place in Southbank that I get my lunch from most days off the week (Bad I know, I really need to start bringing my lunch!) Blossom. They have the best salad and I mean the best there is the weirdest craziest salads to chose from - If I love something I'll buy it til I cannot eat it now more so I'll usually order the chicken ceasear, Greek salad and broccoli salad! All for $10.90

I brought some sandals online from Miu Miu last week - which I haven't told the boyf about - They came tonight and I'm in LOVE! They are perfect for summer. 
Pity that summer is another 3 months away.

Hit me up with your hair products!


  1. I wish I could help but I am in the same situation as you - forever looking for something to help repair my hair! I used the Organix Macadamia oil hair mask but it didn't really do anything. I'm now using the Kerastase Chroma Riche hair masque and it's only been a few weeks but I haven't noticed much improvement as of yet either :( I've got a Redken shampoo coming in the mail so hopefully that will work together with the hair masque. I'll be stalking your comments to see what others have to recommend!
    Those Miu Miu sandals are amazing - make me miss Summer so badly!!

  2. Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique. I did a post on it a while ago. I really think this is a miracle product! http://au.strawberrynet.com/haircare/kerastase/kerastase-resistance-ciment-thermique/91467/#DETAIL

    Those sandals are just sooo cute and stylish!!!! I love!

  3. Haha I am terrible with my hair - I don't protect it at all, which is really bad now that I say it out loud! I hate split ends too though, and I remember just casually cutting them off during class in high school... anyway, those Miu Miu sandals are incredible. Now I can't stop thinking about the beach x

  4. Sorry I don't have any suggestions, my hair is terrible so I would be the wrong person to give advice!

    The shoes are amazing though, do love!


  5. Kerastase' Ciment Thermique. It truly is amazing stuff! A little on the exxy side, but totally worth it and lasts a good year or so (on medium length hair).

    It is a heat activated product though, so be sure to use it before you blow dry.

    Google it - the MakeUpAlley reviews should tell you everything you want/need to know.

    PS Loving the sandals xx

  6. How funny - there is the very girl that put ME on to it - Veronica!

    *hi beauty* x

  7. loooveeee the sandals, but I am the worst person to give hair advice

  8. LOVE the shoes!!!
    Where did you get them may I ask?