Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I love birthdays full stop.
So does Siri last Thursday was my 24th birthday  (C'mon retirement) and I had been counting  down if you have been follow me on Instagram (hollymay89) I was overly excited when I got this message from Siri.

God, love her.

On Wednesday night the boyfriend and I watched a movie which was odd for us considering it was a week night and I am usually in bed by 10pm but csonsidering my birthday was now only  a couple of hours away. I was too excited to sleep. Midnight came just as the movie was finished and of course I reminded the boyfriend it was my birthday and that I should be allowed to open my presents now and not have to wait until the morning, he didn't agree with this at first but caved in.  I'm such a kid when it comes to birthdays.

I let out a little squeal when I saw the Tiffany and Co bag - who doesn't love T&C on their bday.

Each layer I removed I stopped to take a photo, the boyfriend was getting impatient hahah.

He brought me a gorgeous necklace with the letter H.
I love it and it's such a perfect birthday present.

The best part about birthdays is hearing from friends, family and just generally feeling loved!

My work buddies spoilt me. We went out for an extended lunch to Left Bank and enjoyed a glass of wine and then just after we got back to the office a gorgeous bunch of flowers landed on my desk.
Followed by cupcakes from the cupcake bakery - Red Velvet... Mm mm

Turning 24 was great and thank you all so much for the birthday love on Instagram each time I got a little notification it made me smile. You guys rock.
The only down side to my birthday was I was struck down with that horrible cold/flu that is lurking Melbourne I felt really bad on Monday and had my fingers crossed that it would be gone by Thursday sadly not! 

My birthday celebrations didn't stop there - On Friday my MD at work was back in the office and felt bad for missing my birthday (Ha!) So he took us out for lunch to continue my turning of age. We all waddled up to Merrywell for lunch - This was not a good idea. Food overload.

I had planned to go out for dinner with the boyfriend on Friday night just the two of us to celebrate but I pyked on my own plans as I just wasn't feeling well, I was all snotty, couldn't breathe and had a headache like you wouldn't believe. Worst ha? So we ordered in Thai food and watched a movie under the blankets.

Saturday we had tickets go to the Dream Time game at the MCG. Essendon Vs Richmond.
Mandatory selfie.

Knowing I was still sick I made sure that I rugged up. I wore skins underneath my jeans ha! Paired with my leather jacket and with the usual bombers scarf and boots.
We went to Meat and Wine Co before the game for dinner. The boyfriend ordered the Onion Rings but I thought wasn't great until they arrived at the table. Those things are amazing. 

I can never fault the food at the Meat and Wine Co. I do think I prefer squires Loft - Agree/Disagree?

We had ground seat tickets but towards the back so we were abit worried that we (I) wouldn't able to see anything as it was almost a sell out match lucky we striked luck and I didn't get any one tall sitting in front of me.  The game went to plan and we won. Go Bombers!



  1. Happy birthday!
    Looks like you had a completely wonderful day!

  2. Hehe I wished you Happy Birthday on my blog last week! Was hoping you'd see it :(

    Swans vs Essendon this Saturday. I'll be at the SCG watching the game. You will probably not hear from me after the game if the Swans lose :(


    1. I just saw it now! You're such a doll!!

      Ah yes this weekends match I think you'll have it over us this week. We were thinking of going to Sydney for the weekend to watch it but then figured we probably wouldn't get out fo there alive haha! xxx

    2. Haha I would have protected you!! xx

  3. Happy Birthday Holly! It looks like you had an amazing couple of days... In my opinion, birthday celebrations should last an entire week! Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Your page is different and fancy! I like...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!! Sounds like you had an amazing day and meanwhile big points to the BF, awesome gift! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, looks like you have had a great time! Uber jealous of your Tiffany gift. I think ill start dropping hints to my bf and maybe he will put two and two together by the time its my birthday! Haha.

    x Eve

  6. ohhhh I love this post!!!


  7. Lucky lady! Happy Birthday my dear x

  8. Happy birthday to you! What a lovely gift from your boy xx

  9. Happy 24th. Such a baby!

    I prefer the menu at Meat and Wine co but prefer the view/vibe at James Squires Loft.

  10. Happy birthday again Holly, looks like you had an amazing birthday with so many spoils hehe lucky girl! x

  11. Happy Birthday!!
    Oh hell now I am feeling OLD.. Like super OLD.

  12. happy birthday! P.S I love your choice of football team ;) hehe. hope your feeling better now, nothing worse then being sick, especially on your birthday!

  13. Great blog!!! <3