Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I LOVED reading all of the Mothers Day posts and seeing all the photos on Insta. Neither of ours mum's live in Melbourne so we didn't have any Mothers Day Celebrations as such.

My life recently has been work and gym.
Not that exciting hence the no blogging action.

Work has been my oxgyen recently and I really hate it. Working before work in the morning and then again before and after gym its just been crazy but on the plus side there will be some huge rewards so I just need to hang in there but my god I am feeling the side affects ... No Sleep!

On Saturday we went out to Chadstone to hit up some shops. Since we have brought our coffee machine I am slightly addicted and wont buy a coffee throughout the day haha how bad is that!? I feel like a coffee snob but I have found the best tasting coffee in the Nespresso range and nothing else seems to compare. Which I'm sure my favorite coffee shop isn't happy about.

I've said it before - I love their store!
They give you a complimentary coffee and I just love the layout and design.

In my travels I picked up this new Peony for the bedroom.
Silk flowers are just perfect.

I'm getting exited for the Birthday which is now only 9 days away!
I am still here and still reading blogs and commenting but for now I have nothing to report xx


  1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with work like that. As long as it's not constant and not for an extended period of time, it was be really rewarding :)


    1. Agree! It will be worth it I just need to hang in there x

    2. I just re-read my comment. Wtf is "it was be"? ENGLISH KAY!!!

  2. I'm also a huge nespresso fan and love the new green limited edition pod. Which one is your favorite? Their shops are amazing, boutique like.

    1. They certainly are boutique like! At the moment I am loving the Gold capsule "Volluto" Its my favorite so far! :)

  3. That sucks about work! I cant imagine having to do work outside of work. Hope the rewards are gooooood ;) hehe

    Thats good that you're not buying coffee anymore! Saving money girl!!

    1. I was probably spending $30 on Coffee per week!! I was pretty shocked when I worked it out lol!

  4. Wow that looks like a fabulous store :o wish we had one in Canada ! but I would love to visit one at some point !! Thanks for sharing ! Please do drop by my blog and follow if you like ! :)

    Cherry ~~