Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday times!

Yay for weekends with goodfriends and sunshine.

Friday night after work we picked up D's new BMW after months and months of him non stop talking about what model, wheels, interior, colour he should good he finally made a decision and purchased it! In love as he is with it.. I did manage to separate him from it so we could go to dinner together!

Saturday night I had Miss.Jacqui's bday gathering - She didn't want anything big as she  hates birthday fuss so we had a girls night in with Mexican food at Erins house!
We also made some home made sangria.  No Boys and all girls, gossip, cocktails, cake and a selection of chick flicks on DVD -  We where totally set haha.
It was fun to have a girls night in for a change.

Todays weather was amazing! I put on some tunes and went for a run along the beach early this morning, before catching up with Erin & Jacqui on Bay Street for a quick snack.
Afterwards D and I headed out in his new ride (of course) and hit up port melbourne - we swung past The Pier in port melbourne as a friend was having some bday drinks!

It was good to see everyone but it was pretty busy with another function and I felt far too squashed so we left after a couple of hours - besides I was itching to get out into the sun.

I mentioned to D while driving that I was really craving a Cornetto, with those instructions D set off to find a 7/11 - Before I knew it I had a whole selection in front of me to chose from

Now that's love.
Here is some snap shots from today.

 D being all serious yo'

This is what happens when D decides to take a photo - There is only "one chance" and unfortunately for me its the one where im talking AND you can see my chewy. Thanks boyf - Sorry followers.
 Im actually feeling really stuffy and head sore today fingers crossed im not getting sick.

Did you get out an about in the weather today?


  1. Great photos. Your friend's birthday sounded like a nice event.

  2. Gorgeous car and sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Congrats on the car! It's awesome love the colour too he must be rapt!
    I love the photo of you down the bottom also!

    1. I think he's more excited about it that he was about first dating me!

    2. Haha does he let you eat in the car. My ex boyfriend when he picked up his beamer I wasnt even allowed to put moisturiser on and sit on the leather?!?! Needless to say that's why he is my ex boyfriend hahahaa

  4. I get told all the time (All the time being the whole 3 days he has had the car!) to "Watch my makeup" and "Your heels will scuff the door rims" but definalty NOT allowed to eat in his car lol. I would probably be eliminated ;)