Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday I had one of those days, I was sleep deprived, moody, work was a b!tch and I had a headache. I picked up nandos for dinner as I couldnt be bothered cooking and was in bed by 8pm.

I feel so much better today. I was on the bus this morning and looking down at my handbag.

 Its getting old I really need a new one but I hate changing bags as Im always so fussy It cannot be small as I need to fit all of my crap inside but I dont want a bag that looks like a suitcase either!
I prefer black, my bag before this was tan I like to mix it up and would love a red one but I dont think I could match it with my clothing choices everyday, (Read: couldnt be bothered)

I have all of my interviews tomorrow I now have 4 lined up and Im pumped! I have one in Port Melbourne which would be handy if I got as its right on Bay Street and I live around the corner, and the other 3 are in the city. Normally I would go shopping before an Interview (Just because) but due to this shopping ban looming over my head I cannot. So while I'm Sitting at my desk im mentally going through my wardrobe on what to wear!

Also! Hooray I have reached 100 Followers, Not sure if you're all just following for the sake of following or you really enjoy my ramblings! But a big thankyou to everyone! Ive gotten to get to know some pretty awsome ladies via blogging!

I remember I was so excited when I got my first follower!


  1. Congrats on the 100 followers!!! I follow cos I like your pictures and also cos I know the area you blog about. I even live in Port Melbourne now! I always knew the area, as my mum lives in her childhood home (60+ years!), and now I live there too!

    And best wishes for your interviews tomorrow!

    1. Woo! We are neighbours and we didnt even know it :) Thanks Im excited yet a little nervous aswell!

  2. Yay for your interviews !!!!!!!! Goodluck and hopefully I will be a Melbournian soon too !

  3. I follow cuz you're one interesting lady - and I love your style! =)
    Re new bag - a colleague carries a red tote to work everyday and it does match everything! She's onto her second red tote now LOL.

  4. I got really excited when I got my 1st follower too, and it just happened to be one of my fav bloggers

  5. 100 followers is exciting!! I love an even number and can't wait to get there myself.

    Any excuse is a good one for a new handbag:)

  6. Congrats on 100 followers! And new handbags are wonderful..I just got one haha. :)

    xx Jessica

  7. Good luck with the interviews today, and congrats on the followers! You're one of my fav bloggers so keep it up :) x

  8. Good luck in your interviews! And I totally understand your fussy-ness with handbags, I can never find one in a style that I like that conveniently holds everything.

    Congrats on 100 followers! I love reading your blog :)

  9. love reading your stuff all the time and I am the same with handbags, I have 1 and it must go with everything, I only change bags when I am going out (clubs or bars) and don't want my nice one to get ruined or I don't want to lug it around.

    Good Luck for your job interviews!

  10. gorgeous bag, even if it's a little older- I would never notice, I think it's gorgeous~! And you'll do great in the interview even without new clothes- substance over style!

  11. Wow 100 followers!? Haha, I get so excited everytime I get a new one! Although I only have like, 22 followers lol.
    But I love them all! Congrats on getting to three digits!

  12. I can't wait to reach 100 followers! Your probably over 100 now too!
    Lucky girl and well done!
    See you again soon!
    Flower Show