Monday, January 2, 2012

scorchin' in 2012

New years eve day was spent shopping - haha yes I know it was my final day that I was allowed to go shopping and I spent a large percentage of my day shop hopping with D's mum.

I have to admit there is a couple of things that I cannot stand when I go shopping
- Shop Assistants who dont even lift their heads when you walk into the shop and stay focused on their phone or finger nails. No matter how nice an item may be in your store if you dont smile or ackowledge me when I walk in - No deal I'll spend my money elsewhere.
- Shop Assistants who stalk you around the store and tell you that "this would like fantastic on you!" and holds up a dress which you wouldnt be seen dead in.

I brought these from Dotti
This was lust at first sight.
I hardly brought anything for my last day of shopping but I was happy with my purchases I also brought a new Tony Bianco purse, a couple of basic clothing items and also some more makeup.

After the shops we went back to see what all the boys where upto and I put my domestic skills to the test and made some scones - I succeeded.

After the hype of christmas the week before I was excited to spend new years just relaxing with D's family and having a low key relaxed time, New years for me is generally a fizzlee everyone talks it up to be this amazing night and it never is? So I prefer to keep things low key! Christmas is by far my favourite holiday time.

We kicked off the drinks around 3pm - The weather called for it.
Lychee - Cranberry - Strawberry & Vodka.

I wore this jumpsuit for new years eve.
We spent the first half of the night with D's YiaYia (Grandma) we had dinner and left around 9pm

We went back to D's parents house shortly after and chilled out with his family and some cousins came over to visit - The boys played some PS2 challenges which everyone got involved in! Around 11.30 we headed out to the city centre to watch the fireworks - I love fireworks.

12.30 we headed home a Greek tradition is that on new years eve around midnight you each cut a slice of cake which has a coin hidden in the middle somewhere - Whoever gets that coin has goodluck for the year ahead -  I thought that I'd have beginners luck and win but no..D won instead!

The winning piece - But never fear I figure his goodluck is my goodluck right? ;)
 We cracked open the champagne and celebrated 2012
From memory we ended up crawling to bed around 3am - It was such a goodnight!

New years day I didnt awake from my slumber until 11am - Opps!
The weather each day was 40 + degree days - I had to choose light options for clothing
I'm still trying to work out if D & I got tanned or if we just burnt ha.

 New years day was filled with visiting the Greek relo's cutting and eating more new years cake, food, fruit, champagne, wine and everything else I shouldn't even be looking at. New years night we went to D's other YiaYia's house for a family BBQ.. loaded up with more food before wishing everyone a safe and happy new year and going home to pack for our 6am flight the next day.

So after 2 weeks away from Melbourne we flew back this morning waking up to a balmy and hot wind at 5am I was just wanting to go back to sleep! We caught out plane and arrived in a stinking hot melbourne at 8.30am. I was so annoyed our plane arrived and we walked through security, went to the bathrooms, picked up a coffee and then made our way to collect our luggage - We would of killed a good 15 minutes we arrived and our luggage still wasnt out.

9.30am - Yes one hour after our plane landed our bags decided to make their way out.
Thanks alot Qantas.

I have loved spending the last 2 weeks with both sides of the family, catching some sun, but there is nothing better than walking in your own front door and being home! I cannot wait to jump into my own bed tonight and catch some well needed sleep before I go back to work tomorrow - That's going to be painful.


  1. I know what you mean about shop assistants, sometimes you ask a question and they look at you like you have just asked them to the most inconveniencing thing. I really hope I was never like that to customers.

  2. I love that jumpsuit, it looks great on you! Normally NYE is a bit of a let down for me too so we just had a chilled house party and it was so much fun. Melb has been really hot but it's good for us because the apartment is airconditioned and the beach is 100m down the road so we've been swimming, chilling, swimming, chilling.. I'm here til Friday!!! :D Looking forward to more of the same!

  3. I just found your blog, and I have to say it's totally adorable! Want to follow each other?:)

    Shelby xoxo

  4. oh WOW! I love those shoes from Dotti! I wish I could wear high shoes without towering over the tallest buildings... those scones look incredible, by the way!
    I hope you had the happiest of new years!

  5. love the shoes! they will look fab on you and make your legs look EVENNNNN longer!
    I caught a 8am flight to Adelaide on the 3rd and went straight to work and wanted to sleep under my desk. The holidays went wayyyyyy to quick!
    LOVEEEEEEEEEE the jumpsuit on you too! You have such great taste!

  6. That jumpsuit is sooo hot and you have an amazing body!! You also have to love Yiayias and the Greek New Years celebrations :)

    Happy New Year~!!!