Friday, December 30, 2011

what was 2011

So 2011 is coming to an end, to be honest I cannot wait for 2012 to begin I have so many things planned and coming up I cannot wait for it all too happen, no doubt like this year it'll be here before we know it!

 what was 2011;
- I turned my fitness right around and love it 
- I changed my thinking and learnt to cherish the smaller things in life 
- I became addicted to blogging (thanks to my followers!) 
- I have a new found love for fashion and being creative 
- I sorted through my so called friends and have learnt who means the most 
- I'm not at the point in my Career that I want to be, but I'm focused 
- I have found a boyfriend best friend all in one
- I feel blessed to have such a great family 
- I learnt to strengthen my cooking skills
- There is nothing better than fresh fruit 
- I have a strong obsession with baklava 
- I spent far too much money on clothes, bags, shoes & makeup 
- I deepened my love for photography 
- I learnt not all is fair in love an war 
- My love for Vodka hasn't faded away

what will be 2012'

- Self impossed shopping ban until May 2012 
- Increase my fitness level & stay focused
- Progress my career and get into a new position by later 2012
- European Travel including Greece 
- Thailand with the boyf 
- Drink more t2 
- Spend more time with my mum 
- Be more creative with our house 
- Grow my savings
- Learn better Greek

I don't really believe in making new years resolutions because I think if you really wanted to do something you'd focus on it right then and there! Besides I did it one year and as all girls do "I'm going to lose weight"..and it never happened and I got so devo'd lol! Just go with the flow I say.

So those are my thoughts on the year that was and the year ahead! Speaking of purchases This baby is my very last purchase for 2011, Although it set me back a little it was well worth the spend and even the boy approves! The colour is honestly gorgeous and stands out! I have already paired it up with some tan, black, green and white wedges! It works with all colours - best ever! 

I hope y'all have a fantastic new years eve. I'll be spending new years with my boyfriends family celebrating.. A Greek tradition is to bake a cake and they place a coin inside and whoever gets the coin in their piece has a year full of luck! Yes please.

Stay safe & let's bring on 2012
Are you making a new years resolution if so what is it?


  1. Nice wrap up! That dress is STUNNING!

  2. Beautiful dress. Happy New Years.

  3. here's to 2012 - thanks for stopping by my blog!

    that dress is gorgeous, too!

  4. Love it! Sounds like you had a good year :)

  5. Hey !
    Looks like 2011 was a good year for you ! Hope 2012 will be great too :)
    Happy New Years !


  6. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a good 2011! I am now following your blog :)


  7. More pics of the dress. Is it ruched at the front of the skirt?

  8. Ling - I'll post some more soon - stay posted!
    Not falls naturally :)

  9. That dress is amazing!

    Have a great 2012!

  10. Okay this dress is amazing. Don't hold back, where did you get it from??? Ahhh love it.

  11. Thank you!!! I had never even heard of this brand!! Now to find where they stock in Melbourne...