Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Festive Season

Hello Hello! I hope everyone had a fun, safe and merry Christmas!

So here is my festive seasons recap! Rewind ya'll.
Last Wednesday we left Melbourne, we had a flight to catch at 9.30am - after the rush to the airport we arrived only to be told our flight was delayed, wasn't too long but that could of been a extra 30 mins sleep.

Hello Virgin.

I spent the Wednesday night with D's parents we went out for a Christmas drink and relaxed - Its so great to catch up with everyone when you haven't seen them for awhile. My mum lives about 2.5hours from D's parents and I set off on the trek to my mums house the next morning - My mum was having Christmas at her place for the first time in about 3 years and I was excited to get back there and have a break away from the city!

Im not used to 40+ degrees temps so I was keen for the drinks as soon as I arrived!

 I  also got to catch up with a friend of mine who had a baby girl only a month ago - Isn't she perfect? I held her and honestly I was freaking out thinking I'd break her! She was like a doll.

 Leading up to Xmas I must say I had it pretty good I was relaxing in the sun, reading my book, spending time with my mum, I also made a gingerbread house which has been a tradition in my family for a long time! What do you think? epic fail but its cute. I need to work on my domestic skills.

The weather on Christmas day was warm to begin with and then it started to really get stormy, thankfully nothing like Melbourne was struck with - I hope no one coped too much damage? I'm yet to go back to our place and face the damage - fingers crossed their is none! I wore this corset top with a gorgeous white and pink skirt with my pink tony bianco wedges. (This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces its so versatile and easy to mix and match with so many things!)
Tradition my mum has lived by is Christmas breakfast. - Yes I woke up at 8am for this!

I wasn't expecting any presents and my mum surprised me with a gorgeous Tiffany & Co bracelet. Its gorgeous - So spoilt.

Speaking of presents D's parents loved theirs which was such a relief we actually though we smashed the clock when D's luggage got thrown at the airport.. Mini heart attack moment.
All in all my Christmas day was perfect I may have gained a few pounds but the food and company was totally worth it.

As my motto says "Christmas dividing my bank account and multiplying my weight since 1989"

My boxing day was spent in utter relaxation mode - Yes that's right I didn't even hit up the shops. Something must of been wrong with me as this was my last chance to go crazy before my shopping ban gets imposed on Jan 1. I was too busy relaxing by the pool with some family friends eating and drinking.
So Lazy I am - Rocking out in my dress with Chanel bangle.

Guess what!? My mum finally met D's parents yesterday when the they drove down to my mums house I was so nervous in the lead up, I knew that they would get along because they've spoken on the phone before etc and D and I always speak about each others parents so it wasn't as if they where total strangers - I couldn't of been happier with how the day went along... My mum put on a massive feast D arrived at my mums around 11am (We were apart for just over 5 days!.. And oh my god I missed him so much!) He basically parked the car jumped out of the car and ran to hug me.. Which left our parents to introduce themselves..Opps! It went so well honestly they chatted, our mums where all over each other swapping stories, memories, general chit chat! - Its such a relief to know they'll get along as it so important for both of us that they do! When we left D's mum swapped digits with my mum and yells out "I'll call you later tonight!".. and that she did. Hahaha

I'm back at D's parents now and we fly back to Melbourne on the 2nd of Jan.
Bring on NYE!

How was your Christmas? - Score any fab presents?


  1. Breakfast looks yum! Good work with the gingerbread house. Much better job than I would have done. I had to cringe when they had that challenge on Masterchef this year. Not an easy task.

  2. Love love LOVE your outfit for Christmas! So pretty and feminine.

    Lucky girl on the bracelet too. I got a Tiffany ring for Xmas, so am feeling well loved :)

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays!

  3. You are teeney tiny !!! You look fab in that dress!
    I am glad the meeting went well I am sure it would have !

  4. Wow!.. Wonderful photos!

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  5. Love the outfit! Where is the corset and skirt from? Amazing

  6. These are great! And she is precious! :) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Great Christmas outfit! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, I'm glad the meeting of parents went well.

  8. i didnt do the sales this year either. i went today to return some gifts etc and that was hectic enough.
    the gingy house looks soo cute!

  9. Sounds awesome!!!!! And the Tiffany's pressy - lovely!!!! Xxx

  10. Sounds awesome!!!! Love the breakfast!!! Xxx

  11. New reader over here!
    Lucky girl with Tiffany bracelet, and what a perfect meeting of your parents. I think its adorable they spoke on the phone afterwards!

  12. love these photos! everything looks so lovely.