Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

I did it.. done totally done and dusted! Christmas shopping is over! Winning.
I had my hair appointment today at 9.30am damn you re-growth I was catching up on my trashy goss from the magazines and of course Kim K was splashed across the front cover, honestly each time I pick up a magazine the headlines about her and humps are getting worse!

Does anyone else think Kim looks like Sandra Bullock in this photo?

Melbourne put on some lovely weather today - I love holidays you can just wear whatever you want without having to stress over dressing corporate!
Wearing - Alice McCall top with Cream/Yellow beaded shorts

We had no idea what to buy D's parents we wanted to get them something that they could actually use so we decided to buy them a clock and since they are currently renovating we figured it would go well the theme..Honestly who would of thought looking for a clock could be so difficult not to mention expensive! One Woman tried to con me into buying a $120 clock because I got a free candle holder.. Hell no woman! I have a budget here.

I ended up buying this little number
Its alot cuter in real life
One small issue - It doesnt fit in my luggage and we are flying out tomorrow
I'll have to get D to stuff it in his suitcase hahaha..sucker!

So this was the end of the christmas shopping and thankgodness.. Christmas only comes around once a year otherwise I'd have no moulla!! I know people say christmas isnt all about presents and I agree with that.. pity my family dont lol! Only kidding.

Followers I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas stay safe and enjoy the festive season please don't drink and drive there is always other options, don't speed to get to your destination because its putting you at risk! I wont be back to blog until I return to Melbourne on New years Day (Oh did I mention I left booking return tickets upto D and he booked us on a 6.15am flight..Argh!) Men..You cannot live with them but I wouldn't live without him either - Spread the love this year - Merry Christmas xxxx


  1. Well done on finishing Xmas shopping 4 days before Xmas. I beat you, but only because I am currently incapacitated and so had to be super organised this year ;-)

    I agree that Kim does look a bit like Sandra in that pic. And well done Kris for suing her - we all like the celeb version of war!

  2. Merry Christmas lovely! Hope you have a safe and very happy holiday! Look forward to your many, no doubt entertaining, posts when youre back!

    Angie x

  3. Your top is really pretty. Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are fun. :)

    xx Jessica

  4. OMG I love your top so much! I still have a ton of shopping to do. I am a brit in USA and can't find mince pies anywhere!!! Do you guys have mince pies in Australia??

  5. Good choice on the clock! sleek and simple will fit into any home. Have a happy xmas/new year's break!

  6. You look absolutely beautiful in that outfit. I'm in love with that shirt xx

  7. Merry Christmas and safe travels :) xxxxx

  8. she's on the issue of marie claire or something and i didn't recognize her! she looked natural and lovely.

  9. Yeah, she does!
    Ah, I'm having that problem too! None of my presents fit in our luggage :( Talk about not thinking ahead!
    Merry Christmas, girl!

  10. I'm so jealous you are done!!!! I love that, I wish I was. Grrrr. Um, your top is seriously AMAZING, I am obsessed with your look there! I want it. And you're lucky you can wear it in Australia right now- up north it's far too cold! :) I agree she does looks like Sandra Bullock.

  11. Wow i'm in love with your top! saw a link to your blog from the vogue forums!

  12. What a gorgeous top! I'm following you now and I hope you follow me back!

    Check me out while you can