Monday, December 19, 2011

Annual Leave

I did it! Today was my last day at work even though I worked until 7pm I feel so relieved! No work for me until the 3rd of Jan 2012 Winning.

Tomorrow I wish I could start off with a huge sleep in but I'm off to get my hair done, eyebrows and legs waxed before I hit up the shops and complete my christmas shopping.  Im really stuck for ideas on what buy D this year so I'm open to any suggestions on what to buy a guy who "doesnt know" what they want? Men can be so difficult sometimes! Also my brother and his fiance they are such opposites from one another so I dont think I can buy them a combined gift..!

Ive posted a fair few pics on Instragram this week - has anyone else seen this movie
"I don't know how she does it" Despite all of the horse comments I do love SJP I admire her ability to walk in heels constantly - Go team high heels, But back to the movie its pretty funny not one of her best but defs worth a snuggle up on the couch to watch if you've got nothing better to do!

Tonight I have over loaded on Cherries but I love love love them.
In fact I love summer in general just because of all the fruit that is up for grabs!
What are your favourites?

I cannot wait to leave Melbourne on Wednesday and see both of our families and just relax!
For those of you who don't know D's parents and My mum haven't met yet they've spoken on the phone before think the world of one another (which takes the pressure off!) and Christmas this year we are having a get together at my mums house.. So keen to see how it'll go I know their will be no dramas but its still a bit nerve raking.
How long where you together with your partner before your parents met each other?


  1. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
    I absolutely LOVE your blog!
    so good to find fellow melbourne bloggers :)

  2. Hooray for no more working :) And Cherries, yummo!

  3. Today is my last full day of work, then tomorrow morning and I am OFF! Can't wait!
    Cherries are soooo good, as are watermelon, lychees and mango!
    It sounds like your mums will get along fine!

  4. About 18 months before SJ and I let our parents meet. We'd hoped on holding off until the engagement party but his parents requested a meet before I moved to Melbourne (since he was following me). Went well but mostly because my mother is a social butterfly. SJ's parents are live on a farm and have simple tastes and HATE waste/live minimalisticly. My parents aren't afraid to spend money lol.

  5. YAYYY I'm on leave too and it feels so good! Just wish the weather here was better so I could take advantage of it more! Will and I were together for ages before our parents met - well actually my dad met his parents a while earlier but my mum took quite a long time to come around to the idea that I was with someone from a different culture so she didn't even meet Will til 4 months before the wedding!!!

  6. My parents met very very early just my dad met his dad and mum, my parents are divorced. Sadly his dad passed away since and his mother wants nothing to do with me. So thank your lucky stars that the family accepts you :) I wish I had a boyfriends mother that accepted me. It does get me down alot. His brother also hates me too! So I am not allowed anywhere near his family. Very personal but I don't care about sharing it on here. It's thier loss at the end of the day not mine.

  7. Bahahahah "horse comments". That's the best thing I've heard all day. She annoys me so much in SATC, Carrie is a selfish character! But it is one of my favourite shows :)

    How long have you been with your boyfriend? It was probably a year before our parents met.

  8. I love mangoes. and cherries (in black forest cake).

  9. Kirsten - Weve been together for just over a year and a bit :)

    Ms S.. Oh that's horrible?! So sorry to hear did they not like you from the get go or did they even try to get to know you? What does your boyfriend think of that? You prob understand how freaked out I was about meeting D's parents because I'm not Greek and they're strong on their Greek traditions but they never had a problem with it - Thank god! Im lucky his mum and I are really close!

    riotersbloc - wow 4 months before the wedding! thats scary :)

  10. Hey! Yeah they did get to know me but we had a bit of a jealousy issue on behalf of his brother and he sabotaged the relationship between me and his family. My boyfriend sticks by me, it's hard though because he is in Melbourne. I will have to make the decision to move across soon or not. I just don't want to move and regret it! Yes Greek families can be full on - but you are very lucky that you get along with your boyfriends mum :) that's great! Just be yourself and the rest will follow :)

  11. Oh dear lord, I still have 2 more days to when the office closures start. This is draggingggg...

  12. Thanks for your comment :-) I'm very happy to find another SJP fan! I really don't see the horse comparisons and adore the way she walks in heels. What a dreamboat! X