Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kourt & Kim

Lastnight I snuggled up and caught up on the last two episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

In Episode Two - Kourt and Khloe go and visit Scott's parents up in the Hamptons by this stage Kris Humps has already flown back to Mini to focus on his training - Kim is sitting there and a light bulb goes off in her mind that maybe she should fly there and be with her husband  for the weekend, The next morning Khloe goes into say goodbye to Kim and..Wow she went on one - The BlackBerry Messages that Khloe copped later that day was astonishing.
As Khloe said there was something else going on with Kim and Khloe was just copping it.

Do you think this was the beginning of Kim's "change of feelings?"

In Episode 3 Kim wants to go off birth control - I actually had to laugh out loud when she told her mum and for once Kris Jenner made perfect sense when she said she wasn't ready all Kim could respond with was wide open eyes and say

"But Im ready..Im Married"
"Im married thats the next step..I'm 30"
"Kris and I are married"

Being married doesnt mean your necessarily ready to start having a baby, news flash Kim you and Kris dont even live in the same state! She goes around to a number of people to get their opinion and she finally takes advice from a friend who says to wait..Next Minute her whole view has changed an she is anti-kids. One thing that really stuck me was when she was talking to her friend this popped out "One was the reason I that I loved Kris" - "LOVED" perhaps she was already over him.

After the whole divorce thing and then her appearance in Australia (Or less of) I couldn't stand the way she held herself she is always saying she is so professional yet she wouldn't even crack a smile for her millions of fans, personally I changed my opinion on her a while back but now its just been confirmed

Hmm.. Episode 4 come on out!


  1. I agree with everything you just wrote!

    I love Kourt and Khloe though.

  2. Kim is much too self-absorbed to have children =/ her australian appearance was OTT with the not smiling act, and she calls herself professional, pfft!

  3. I'm am so addicted to these shows, I must admit. I also thought it was absolutely ridiculous of Kim to want to go off birth control immediately. Geez, give it a minute, girl! I didn't like that Humphries fella from the beginning. Their relationship was totally weird.

  4. You can tell from episode two that she is not into this marriage. I actually think she liked the idea of being married and didnt actually like KRIS? You can tell deep down she is regretting the decision. I also wonder how much of the episodes were spliced in with other out takes to make it look like they were both at fault or vise versa.
    To be honest I dont think Kim will ever find anyone else. She is very work focused and I dont think anyone would adhear to her diva'ish ways ( when Kris stepped on her toe nail polish or even that time in the Bahamas and she lost her 70,000 dollar earring)
    I am curious too to see how this pan's out. I do love watching it for all the clothes. It's weird too because Kourtney's face looks so lifeless and gaunt I don't know if it's just me but something doesn't look right to me?

  5. Ahh I love the Kardashians! Im following online and awaiting or episode 4.

    Check out my beauty/fashion blog. Im from Melbourne :)

  6. I noticed all those things too, especially the past tense 'loved'. A fellow fan, love it. X