Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Colour Red

Lastnight we had our work Christmas party at Medici bar and resturant in the docklands, celebrations kicked off from 5pm the weather was amazing it was such a warm night!

I wore a red dress with a tan belt and left my hair out.. It had been straightened earlier than morning and just went over it before we all left work together and headed down to docklands.

I love it when everyone is just chilled out, it makes for such a great night
I'll admit I had been flat out at work that day and hadnt even had a chance to eat lunch as soon as I got to the venue they were serving the wine.. It went straight to my head until the food came out.

Here is a photo of my Boss & I

To be honest I didnt take too many other photos as after this my phone was used to pump some music through the speakers..  Not sure our CEO was much of a fan of my ministry of sound album.
Each year we present awards and a select number of staff who werent awarded where chosen to present when I was asked too..I thought 2 things
1) Oh great I havent been considered for an award
2) Am I sober enough to do so?
I was so conscious that I needed to not slur my words, stand on two feet and smile and present this award.. I passed with flying colours not even sure how.

We had plans to go kick on the party afterwards as our drink and food package only went until 8.30 turns out they either forgot or just didnt care because they kept the drinks flowing well until 9.30 so we decided to kick on. D messaged me around 9.45 and asked how my night was I told him I was starving an that he needed to come and get me so we could get some decent food I had drank far too much he arrived around 10pm he was just around the corner at his work christmas party

Class act I was walking down the boardwalk in the docklands and my shoe heel decides to get stuck in between the two wooden slats which didnt really go for my whole "just walk straight..your not drunk you're fine" thoughts.
 We went to the other side of the docklands to Squires loft.
I didnt care what we ate I just needed something - Steak of course was D's choice.

I was in no state to argue.

This morning I woke up and could taste my trusty best friend Moscato in my mouth - Not a fan.
I jumped up and went to the gym for 20 mins I was suprised I didnt feel as bad as I thought I should.
 Melbourne's weather was amazing and I spent today exactly how I had planned to.

I went down to Bay Street to get some fresh fruit for breakfast
Wearing my favourite Mimco necklace

Around 11am I went down the pool
This bottle was my best friend

I was finally so excited to be able to wear my new bikini which I ended up buying from ASOS
You cannot really see it here because of my shorts but it is white and blue striped with green ties
I love it.

Im so far from black it's not funny!
Thankfully summer feels like its finally here.. Bring on that colour.

After 4 hours in the sun this is the result
Not the colour that I was after and Im so suprised because I put on so much suncreen and Reef Oil
So I have no clue.
Its not as painful as it looks which is a bonus
Lets pray that it goes brown.
Did you make the most of the sun today?


  1. oh ouchies! that burn looks painful!

  2. Ouch! Gotta love Summer and sunburn! Glad it's not too painful.
    Love your red dress, the colour suits you so well.
    I've been a victim of the heel in the boardwalk many a time, I just pretend I'm Cinderella :))

  3. Why intentionally burn your skin when there are so many health warnings out there about skin cancer. There is nothing healthy about a tan.

  4. I copped a bit too much sun lately too, and while it was bright red it wasn't all that sore... but it still peeled... Yuck, I know. Hope your skin is recovering well!