Friday, December 16, 2011


I was in BigW yesterday with a friend from work just to see what they had on offer
I came across this little gem - The sex and city perfume collection it included:
3 large perfumes
3 small pocket sized perfumes
3 hand creams
Ive always loved the small of their collection and now I have all 3

All for $19
I love a good bargain.
Perfume is the last thing that I need you should see my collection at home, but Im an impluse buyer hence why after Jan I have a self impossed shopping ban happening (Again).

 I went to Koko Black earlier this week and I ended up back their yesterday as well I wanted to buy a present for a friend of mine I ended up buying her this
I love the wrapping - I think good wrapping always sets off a present

 Lastnight after work I met up with Erin and Briony for dinner
We went to hardware lane about 6pm.
Its funny how everyone tries to get your attention to come into their resturant
Makes you feel like a little celeb.
We went to Vons.

Their food and atmopshere was delicious!
I ordered their Fungi Risotto
I couldnt even finish it.

But like always there is room for dessert
Sticky date pudding
No doubt that went straight to my hips

Tonight we have our work christmas party
we are going to Medici in the Docklands - Fingers crossed its a good night the weather is looking like it'll be perfect for a night on the water.

Monday is my last day at work (Yes..I have to come back for one day!) before I board the plan on Tuesday I cannot wait I need a good old break. This week has been complete mayhem I know this time of year everyone goes crazy and you lose track of time and everything is so christmas focused but I dont think you realise how draining it is! Not one night this week (besides lastnight) have I sat down and had a proper dinner.. Bad I know!

This weekend assuming the weather is kind to me Im going to get some xmas shopping done on saturday morning and then relax in the sun with a good book.
(Yeah right)

Am I not alone when I say I havent finished my christmas shopping?


  1. Here Here... I think I am barely half way through! Great buy from Big W think I might get some too :) Perfumes are always cheap around this time of the year and can ensure we have at LEAST 10 to choose from! :)

  2. YUM STICKY DATE PUDDING!!!! Need some now.

    That perfume collection is a bargain indeed - I may have to go check it out ;)