Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle!  This year at work I got one of the new guys, he is loud, annoying and highly frustrating so I have no clue what to buy him. At lunch time while I was walking about Bourke St Mall I went into KoKo Black (One of my most favourite shops!) I know its lame but I had no idea what to buy him so figured chocolates would do the trick!

I got completely side tracked by the massive variety that they offer! 
Im a sucker for almonds
So I brought these (for myself)

Then when I walked over to the counter to pay I found a whole display dedicated to chocolate and brought myself a piece.. I love me some good decent chocolate.. Hey I paid $2 for this little baby!

It was a peppermint deluxe.
Deluxe it was!
Best $2 Ive ever spent.

Unfortunatlely for my KK I left the store empty handed so I'll be going on the mad dash tomorrow at lunch time to try and buy something!

Assuming that Commonwealth bank get their stuff sorted out and get their online banking and ATM's working again! This isnt the first time this has happened to me last time their systems went down I was at the supermarket.. Declined.. So I tried again..Declined! Seriously? SO I ended up leaving the store clueless only to find out when I logged into my app that the systems had crashed.

Have you had any horror stories about being stranded without cash?


  1. Actually I didn't have any cash to tip my hairdresser the other day and I was so humiliated. But I popped over the next day and handed him a wad. There is no way one should ever piss off one's hairdresser they can make or break your hair after all!

  2. Yum! Looks like a fantastic little store!

  3. LOLOLOL how embarrassing being declined in a supermarket ahahaahaahahaaa. I'm never without at least $50 in my wallet just in case, y'know. I also have a 28 degrees mastercard on the side (no annual fee, so why not!)just in case my main credit card fails. Look at me thinking of all the possibilities ;p

    Your $2 chocolate reminded me I still have 3 Haigh's easter chocolates (in the form of hot x buns) in the fridge from march aiiiih. Must check if it's still good to eat tonight.

    Lush is always a popular choice for KK =D

  4. LOL your poor co-worker, I can't believe you bought all this chocolate for yourself and left empty handed for him! It made me laugh cos I'd be the same!!!

  5. Yum! It's totally worth paying $2 for a small piece of something amazing.