Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tonight after work I walked into Witchery on Bay Street to buy my friend a little present for her birthday, The shop was pretty empty when I walked in and the sales assistants kept chatting away to each other, this didn't bother me.  As I walked around the store and got closer to the counter the woman piped up and told me the item I was holding would look amazing on me and that I should try it on.
The converastion went a little like this

Me: "Oh, this isnt for me Im shopping for a friend"
SA: "If you look towards the front of the shop we have our latest items"
Me: "Great thanks I'll check it out"
SA: "I can help you find some great colours to match your skin tone, see come with me"
* get dragged to the front of the store *
SA: "Now is one is gaw-just! It would go so well with your hair colour"
Me: "Yes its nice, but Im not shopping for me, just literally popped in to pick up a gift"
SA: "Oh thats lovely, but its always important to shop for yourself too!!"
Me: "Im on a shopping ban! so no!"
SA: "A what?"
Me: "Shopping Ban"
SA: "Oh goodness"

and with that she didnt even look at me twice and walked off.. left me standing there.
I have never met anyone so unbelievably rude?! She wasnt a young girl either she should of known better, much to say I put down the dress I was going to buy for my friend and walked straight out of there.

At the moment Im going through this faze of being total obsessed with Tzatziki Im putting it with everything and making D rather sick with my newest creations haha. I even took a tub to work to snack on with some carrots. Super good

Ive been using my new foundation for nearly a week now an its def a winner so ill keep this one on my list - Ive been recommending to some of the girls at work and they've gone and got themsevles a little sample bottle.

Hooray for short weeks - Whats your plans for Australia Day?


  1. I am obsessed with hommus + carrots! Very addictive.

    As for Double Wear, you wont change to any other foundation. I have been wearing Double Wear since 2008 and will never change! x

  2. Some sales asst will do anything to try & get a sale!

  3. SA's can be so rude sometimes, my least fav ones are usually the Supre ones. I barely go in there but when I do it's rarely a nice experience. And it seems like shocking orange tan is part of their uniform these days

  4. Can't believe how rude that sales assistant sounds! I've heard amazing things about Estee Lauder's Double Wear, I really want to try it now! xx

  5. UGH. I hate rude SAs, and if someone treats me like that I will just walk out rather than give them my sale! There's no excuse for treating people that way!

    Australia Day - YAY! We're having a pool party/BBQ at our place! BBQ, lots of beers, and the hottest 100. I CAN'T WAIT! xx

  6. I love tzatziki! My 2nd fave is spring onion then spicy capsium. Yum.

  7. I always walk out of a store if the sales assistants are rude and spend my money elsewhere.


  8. Sales assistants like that just lose sales from being rude and pushy! Hate when they act like that grrr. Yum, tzatziki is so great and fresh for those hot summer days xx

  9. I'm the opposite, when I encounter rude SAs I prefer to continue asking them questions and getting their suggestions only to say 'You know what, I think I'll leave it for now, but I'll be sure to come back later' *big smile*....never return.

  10. Grrrr! It's not difficult to be nice to customers - even if they're not purchasing on the day, you shouldn't be putting them of from return visits!

  11. Ive noticed - you previously said something about witchery girls. That they are rude and you are correct. They are snide and if your not going to buy something thats 200.00 then they dont want to know you. I think to myself why do they have so many sales on all the time - probably because thier clothes are so freaken over priced! There are some NICE witchery girls.. I have had a few ... BUT they tend to say everything looks fantastic on you. Rah! Oh I dont eat dairy anymore but i LOVE tzatziki especially when its creamy and on toasted pita bread ... drooooolllssss

  12. Wow, that is incredibly rude. I would've walked straight out without buying anything either.

    Hmm I don't think that I've tried tzatziki before! I definitely will now though, I'm just imagining it with the carrots...yum x

    1. tell me about it! Omg youve never had it?! Please try it and let me know what you think of it!!