Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness

Morning ya'll
Melbourne is bright, sunny and warm.
 Lets hope we can hold onto this weather a little longer
I went for a bright yet suttle outfit this morning and set it off with one of my fav necklaces

This morning getting to work was a nightmare. I got to the corner just as the bus was zooming along bay street so I waited for the next one, which for whatever reason didnt come, finally got on the bus at 8.12am to be seated next to an old guy who found it attractive to snort, with another guy staring me down numerous amounts of times.
Sometimes I wish I drove to work.

I was having a fat night lastnight we flaked out on the couch watching the tennis Go Tomic, and I didnt end up crawling into bed until 1am - Rebel. I couldnt sleep I was either over tired or I was over the weather but the conversation between me and D lastnight went something like this

D: "Are you a Criminal?"
H: "What the.."
D: *snore*

At least someone got some sleep lastnight.
Im thinking of buying a new doona set for summer, I think new bedroom sheets etc can really add a difference to a good nights sleep.


  1. I love that necklace, looks like a nice summer's outfit.

    Here's to a week of good weather (Australia Day will be perfect!)

  2. Its going to be 37 here today and tomorrow ... I am going to die.... I hate this weather :( I want to cryyyy waaaaa. Ok I am going to sleep under my desk now :(

  3. I'm hating the weather where I live!

  4. Ooo pretty necklace! :) Move to Texas, the weather is always great!

  5. Are you a criminal? haha so random!
    Love your dress.
    It's pouring where I am at the moment, sad face :((((

  6. How good has the weather been?!?! Loving it.

    I just hope it holds out for Australia Day! Having a pool party, so if the warmth could just stay for a little while longer! :)

  7. looks great
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  8. Wierd people on the bus...For some odd reason you can always find them on public transportation, no idea why. I sometimes wish I drove places too...
    The necklace is lovely as is the print of your dress.