Saturday, March 3, 2012


Last Wednesday after I finished up at work, I went out with two of my friends for dinner to Chinatown - now Im generally a huge fan of Chinatown but here is how the night rolled out.

We arrived at the Restaurant and seated quickly we had drinks in front of us before we knew it - Yeoww.. Then it came to ordering we wanted the whole deal entree and then mains! I was starving.

We looked at the menu & it said spring roll $4.90 - surely that couldnt be for just one?
This is how the conversation went when the Chinese waiter came over

"Ready order now?"
"Yes..Just a quick question - How many spring rolls do you get for $4.90"
"Oh..right so im guessing they are the large ones?"
"Depends you know it different for all"

Ok not helpful.
Then my friend Briony brings out the hand measurements and as he is telling her "smaller" and "smaller" with her hand movements we decided to buy 1 anyway.
Turns out when they came to the table my little finger was larger than the spring roll.

Then ordering the mains came - My friend Briony is allergic to endless amounts of food so she wanted to know what vegtables came with the "seasoned vegs" in her dish.
"What are the vegetables you'll be using?"
"Vegetables, what will be in my dish"
"I..ah no."
"What you want?"
"I want to know what type of food I'll be eating!!! Carrots, celery, broccoli?"
"I cannot tell you"
"Why not?!"
"It always change"
"Are you able to find out?"

and then he walks off to another table an starts serving someone else?! :| I felt like I was on candid camera I was too busy trying not to cry hiding behind my menu! It was hilarious.
He ended up coming back to the table and yelling at my friend Erin because she hadn't ordered!! The topping on the cake for me was when Briony asked if  there was red or green capcisums and he turns around and says "Eh..Crapsicums?" (If you dont understand read the last word slowly)
Omg I was gone.

Tell me a hilarious story about you and a waiter?


  1. LOLOL Oh my goodness! funniest thing ive heard all day. How did the food end up? I hope nice after all of that hehe


  2. haha!! How frustrating! Okay my story isn't exactly hilarious and it's rather long so bare with me..

    Was once having lunch at Steers with my lil' sister (she was abt 6 at the time) and went to buy a bottle of water for her when the lady behind the counter told me she didn't have enough change. You see I only had Shs 1,000 (about $12) and the water cost about Shs80 ($1).. Anyway so we continued with our meals and I waited about 20mins and went up again after she'd served at least 5more customers. So I ask to buy the bottle of water and she had the nerve to pull out a tray full of coins (of small denomination) and THROW it in front of me saying "I said I don't have change". I was livid to say the least! Almost went behind the counter and punched her.. The nerve. Turns out she had a bunch of notes that she'd have given me as my change all along but she just expected me to have the exact Shs80 for the water! I just went crazy in the restaurant and she quietly reached for the change and the bottle of water which my poor lil' sister was desperately looking forward to.

    Later told my mum about it and she went back there to complain AGAIN! Some people sure do need some training when it comes to customer service I tell ya.

    On a very different note, is that you in the picture on your profile?? It's stunning!

  3. Haha. That's hilarious. "I cannot tell you."
    Talk about the easiest job ever, he didn't have to know anything!

  4. I went to Chinatown on Friday night! We ate at Shark Fin hotel/inn something like that and omg it was the best Chinese food I've ever had! Not really a comment about a waiter, but worth mentioning! X

  5. hahaha sometimes the language barrier is such a pain!

    I went for teppanyaki last week and I called to confirm my booking, this is how the conversation went.
    Me; "Hi I'd just like to confirm my booking for Thursday"
    Waitress; "You want book Thursday?"
    Me; "No I already booked, I'm just double checking?"
    Waitress; "Okay how many people?"
    Me; "6"
    Waitress; "sixteen?"
    Me "No SIX"
    Waitress; "oh okay, name please?"
    Me; "Gives name"
    Waitress; "You already booked in for Thursday"
    Me; "I know, I was just double checking"
    waitress; "oh....okay"

    Then when we were there, all I wanted was a bloody glass of water, and it took about 5 minutes (literally) to communicate that I wanted water!


  6. Hahaha hilarious!! I always have to hide behind my menu when either the person ordering OR the waiter/waitress pronounces something wrong!!

  7. Hahahahahahahaha!

    I don't have a super hilarious story but hub & I decided to try a busy asian restaurant on Swanston St.
    We got taken upstairs, then all the way at the back even though there were empty tables downstairs and in the normal upstairs area. I'm not kidding when I say that it was a storage room with a table and 2 chairs! And the waiter spoke absolutely no english, the menus had no pictures and some stuff wasn't even described well ie. "chicken with sauce" so we had no idea what we were ordering and couldn't ask anyone.
    We couldn't wait to get out of there.

  8. lol:D I would have been on the floor histarical at that point! Love the blog btw:)