Thursday, March 1, 2012


My last day at work..It went by sooooo quick! I had a few last minute things to do in the morning but all my work was pretty much completed and I just needed to have a few meetings with a few of the managers and also clean out my desk! .. I had at final count 9 pairs of shoes stashed away in my bottom draw! How? I dont know. Thank god my friends and I where going out for dinner after work and she put my 5 bags of junk in her car lol!

The management group and few of my friends went out for lunch as one of the girls in our Finance team is leaving on Friday too.. so we did a combined lunch we went to Aspro Ble - A Greek restaurant in hardware lane.

The food was so good and traditional! I would def recommend hitting it up!
After lunch I had a few meetings and started saying some goodbyes, thinking I would be able to leave a little early..C'MON it was my last day after all!

Around 4.30 they gathered everyone together (I hate this lol!) and then my boss gave a speech and wished me all the best and then it was my turn.. I had no idea what to say?! I just thanked everyone for the support, friendships and wished everyone all the best! They had sent a card around the office and also pitched in and brought me a present. I told myself I wasn't going to cry and I didn't!!.. Until later haha.

Presents! - On my empty and clean desk.

I had to take an awkward shot of my card so I could fit it all in.. (Never mind D's stig figurine in the background lol!) We have had alot of people leave the company recently and so I have signed my share of cards..people write the generic "goodbye and good luck!" but I was so touched that people actually wrote personalised messages in my card! Thats when I started to get teary.. I Sent out a goodbye email to the whole company wishing them all the best etc and I got so many replies and then I got really sad and realised that I was actually leaving!

I opened my present last night they had brought me a  leather organiser & In my favourite colour!

Here is a copy of an email I got from a lady that I recruited in our Adelaide Office

She is an absolute angel of a woman - I'm sure she wont mind me sharing this but when I recruited her I had no idea of her health or her past - She has Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment yet is still attending work, she asked if she could speak to me a few months back and she told me the whole story, she was more concerned about letting the team down than her own health. Positive news is she is now in remission and I wish her all the best!

There are going to be so many people that I'll miss but I know we will stay in contact, I feel good about the move and know that there are bigger things ahead for me and I'm really excited :)


  1. How sweet of your work! I am sure you are going to shine in your new position whichever you take!

  2. This is so lovely of your work to do for you!
    Haha 9 pairs of shoes - wow!!
    My friend actually made a booking for Aspro Ble next Thursday for her birthday so I can't wait to see if it as good as you say!
    The lady you recruited sounds like a very optimistic and happy person given everything she must have been going through - so sweet of her.

  3. Awwwww! How cute - what lovely people! xx

  4. so lucky of you because you surrounded by kind and sweet people. i hope everything's gonna be great!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. Your work is soo nice to you! And what a sweet email =]

    LOL oh my goodness...9 pairs of shoes! =O