Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its been 2 months and I havent purchased anything for myself besides a $2 nail polish haha! Ive done so well but I'll admit it's killing me. My friend asked if I wanted to go shopping and I said I'll come with you for company but I aint bringing along my debit card!
Lucky for me we didnt end up going.

Almost 3 months down and only 2 more to go!
Have your fingers crossed for me.

I almost slipped up the other day when I went into DFO SouthWharf and saw NOVO had a shoe sale, I wont lie I went in and even tried some on..but left the poor sales assistant hanging.

Reading this type of material on my lunch break doesnt help the situation either, but how stunning is this design - Its stocked at MYER girls if your interested!

D and I have been invited to his high school friends wedding which I only found out about lastnight apparently he has had the invitation in his gym for the past month.. (Men!) and thats the middle of March - Do you think I can work something from my wardrobe?!


  1. I know how you feel, it's hard at times - especially working in the city and seeing all the new season clothes coming out! I've still got another 4 months to go though....thank god I have somme vouchers to use!

  2. Ohh well done, you are SO MUCH better than me! My shopping ban lasted 21 days and I broke it with a $100 bag purchase :( Sooo naughty, yet I really wanted the bag!!!!

  3. Well Done for getting to 2 months and not buying anything that’s a great effort. I think you definitely can find something in your wardrobe for the wedding. Anything you wear looks stunning!

  4. I'm so proud of you! I had a January ban, but caved this month, so I'm going to get back on the band wagon for March.

  5. Oh wow that's absolutely amazing! I've been trying not to spend either, but after a month I decided to reward myself and yeah.. it's time to start again. You're inspiring me though! Good luck with the rest of your ban too x

  6. Good luck, girl! Don't know how you can do it, especially with all the new collections coming out now for spring. I really admire you, it's not an easy thing to do. Hang in there!

    Liesl xxx

  7. I am impressed! You have done very well!
    You'll definately find something nice you already have, you have so much nice stuff.

    Good luck on your last day! x

  8. Why on earth are you on a shopping ban? 2 months, wow! I'm proud of myself and it's only been one week! Are you saving for something?