Sunday, March 4, 2012


Whoever said that men are easy to shop with lied.
Friday night after D finished work - and I had finished up getting my nails done (Oh the joys of not working! HA kidding!) He wanted me to meet him at Melbourne Central to get some new indoor soccer shoes - Sure why not I thought.

How wrong I was 2 hours later he was tossing up between buying the white or the black pair
I was about to kill him. I was bored and posted this photo on Instagram

One of my male followers decided to comment and say "Oh is that the nike store?" and with the comment D pipes up and goes "OMG we have to go there, quick lets hide these somewhere and come back!" I was ready to file for divorce.
 Long story short we went back to Rebel and D continues to weigh up the pro's and con's of each colour, while I decided to look around the store

How cute are these weights?
I wish I had my own mini gym with this little set up - I even tried to pick up the big 20kgs one before I remembered I wasn't a body builder and would probably break my back. A girl can dream

Friday night after our 2 hour session in Rebel sport we went out for dinner and I told D it was his shout seeing the torment he had just put me through.
Saturday morning Melbourne got graced with the whole 24 hours of straight rain I had plans of laying around in my PJ's all day instead D had already made plans to go to the market and he had so lovely told his friends we would meet them for lunch - so out in the rain we went - I was so excited I got to wear my boots! I think thats my favourite thing about Autumn and Winter is my love for wearing boots - Oh and my birthday ;)

The rest of saturday we curled up and watched half of season 1 of Revenge - I am totally loving this show right now.

This morning I was up nice and early - I drove D to box hill for his soccer match in his BMW (I was loving it!!) He not so much "Watch out for the car beside you, what lane are you in? How fast are you going"..rah rah rah.. Perpleasee Im a good driver! 

Ive had my coffee fix now im at home sitting here with a nice hot cup of peppermint T2 watching the sky get darker an darker and the city buildings getting covered in clouds,- reading blogs and getting myself ready for tomorrow - I have a weeks temp assignment working at Melbourne University!

I finally reached 120 followers
Stay tuned for the giveaway which will happen this week :)
Thanks for the love guys!!


  1. how good is revenge?! love that show
    goodluck for tomorrow dear! xx

  2. Men are so indecisive when it comes to shopping. I spent three hours shopping for a suit in KL with a colleague and I was ready to kill him.
    I just watched revenge too - so addictive:)

  3. haha poor you. That's how I shop and I drive my husband crazy so we just go our separate ways when we go shopping :)

  4. LMAO your D reminds me of Mr Cevapa when i'm driving - couldnt help but laugh reading that.

  5. So you didn't go to the sale? I think you missed out ;-)

    My shoe shopping was so much more fun than yours lol

  6. Revenge is so goood I'm addicted!! They're on a hiatus until April though so I recommend you go slowly through the second half otherwise you'll be having withdrawal symptoms like me!!
    Oooh congrats on the temp job! I'm studying there :)

  7. Oh how addictive is Revenge? We are up to the latest episode... apparently it's on a break until April

  8. Men are terrible to shop with!!! haha Adam gives up on me after 15 minutes!
    I haven't watched Revernge - I hear its SUPER addictive!!
    Hope tonight was relaxing for you :)
    Have a great week!

  9. Congrats on you new temp job.

    I've awarded you with the versatile blogger award. Details in link:


  10. I know the pain of shopping in Rebel with a male - in my case, also for indoor soccer shoes! I played with the same coloured weights while waiting once too! Congrats on 120 followers :)

  11. HAHA I almost went to buy some weights the other day! But then I was like "lol how am I going to walk with these all the way home?"
    so they remain in the shop for now.

    Argh, shopping with my bf is so painful! He's so indecisive. Luckily, we only go shopping like twice a year.

    1. I think its a guy thing Michaela lol my husband is like that! soooo painful!

  12. Nice, your weekend sounded nice and chilled, like mine usually are =] I LOVE Revenge! Im just watching when comes up on TV. I really should get the season!

    Yay! im glad im on of the numbers in your following list =D


  13. Absolutely loving Revenge at the moment, can't get enough of it!