Saturday, March 31, 2012


Yeyy weekend we meet again. D has been at work all day so its been me myself and I and loving it! We are off to Gold Class tonight - Ive actually never been hahaha.. So I'm excited!

This week I decided to wear a pair of Tony Bianco peep shoes that I had never worn before and brought probably a year ago now..  They are a blue denim with tan outlines and a buckle - They are so frigging comfy no idea why I hadn't worn them sooner. Do you like them?

Isn't it funny the things we do in a lift when no one is around?

The other morning I got to work just before 8am and had the joy of watching the hot air balloons float past - Sorry about the quality of the photo - I actually want to do this!! Have you?

Friday afternoon at work was dragging along and it didn't help that I had three conference calls in a row from 3.30 on wards - so basically I was locked in the board room until home time..noooooo!

When I got back to my desk our new business cards had arrived! - I was super excited and started handing them out to EVERYONE..haha! I kid you not.

D also won 2 gold class tickets at work yesterday an as soon as I got home I wanted to make sure they where real and he wasn't playing a joke on me.. but nope they are the real deal - Yeyyy! Now we just need to decide on what we are going to see - I vote chick flick.

We went for a late night swim last night it was amazeballs - The weather was so muggy last night and the water felt so good!

This morning I went into the city to have a look around and meet up with a friend for coffee - I even tweeted about my little rant but honestly girls need to realise that being a bitch doesn't make you look cool it makes you look like a dick and just bitter.  There where TWO things which I saw on ONE tram ride into the city that just made me furious - No wonder some teenage girls these days dont have any self confidence - People need to look at themselves in a mirror and grow up.

Anyhow moving onto more exciting things - I wanted to use some gift vouchers that I got for Xmas I went to Kate Hill and brought this new baby - Its such a cute purse with so much room for cards, which is what I need!

Happy Weekend


  1. Love your shoes, I had a few TB heels but only one of them were comfy the rest felt like they shrunk 2 sizes since I bought them.

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty good week!

    And the photo of the hot air balloons is pretty cool!

  3. How pretty are those hot air balloons!
    You have amazzzeeee legs...!!!!

  4. Adorable shoes and the hot air balloon pic is so cool!

  5. LOVE those shoes! So cute. Also love the hot air balloons - such a beautiful sight!

  6. I remember seeing those shoes in Tony Bianco ages ago! I really like them, and what a bonus that they're comfy for you!!

    Is that your pool??? soo lucky!

    And good buy on the purse!! =] xox

  7. YAY weekends! They're always over too soon though :(

  8. nice purse! I need a new one too... can't wait to see how you liked gold class, I think it is a bit of fun and makes me feel posh ;)

  9. i absolutely adore those little peep toe shoes! all such great images!
    and a late night dip in muggy weather sounds heavenly!!
    xo TJ