Monday, April 2, 2012


We failed at Gold-class on Saturday night I called up at 3.30 to make the booking but it was all sold out! Talk about unlucky so we have decided to just wait until we get back home after Easter.

Saturday night we went out for dinner in South Bank to the Meat & Wine Co - and caught up with the lovely bunch of boys (bear teeth) that my boyfriend works with! Afterwards we went home and watched The Darkest Hour - it wasn't too bad. It was so predictable.

Sunday morning was the highlight of my weekend

I had good old Uncle Tobys for breakfast while the boyfriend scoffed down his perfectly made omlette - I was so excited I nearly fell off my chair haha.. BUT speaking of falling I know that I'm clumsy but our apartment is way too small and I actually broke the shelf in my wardrobe because I either have too many pieces hanging or its just not good quality - I say the 2nd one so on Sunday we did some serious apartment hunting and I'm off to an open house tomorrow night after work.

We went out for coffee after breakfast on Bay Street
I am about to scream and rip my hair out -
We are off to my boyfriends family for Easter and fly out on Thursday morning - Talk about dilemma! I have no energy to go into details but lets just say 2 wog families and conflicting thoughts.. I just cannot be bothered! Are you going away for Easter?

After my event last week with my eBay seller I just finished opening up a non payer dispute on eBay because someone hasn't paid and refuses to contact me - honestly?!??  I know that I need to get rid of some things so I'm doing another cull

Im not sure if I should list them now I generally have things for auction for 5 days, but I'm thinking thats going to end around Easter time and I generally like to post things off straight away!?

Anyhow.. How was your weekend?
Any loving?


  1. I'm doing absolutely nada for Easter. Can't wait to rellaaaaaaax!

  2. I was lucky enough to opt out of spending Easter with the in-laws interstate. So doing absolutely nothing but eating easter eggs

  3. I'm delaying my ebay stuff too - easter is such a bad time for it.

    I am lucky that my mum is coming to visit for easter - we are just spending the weekend visiting wineries and eating out:)

  4. Another one here who has nothing to do but feast on chocolate !! Btw that latte looks amazing, drool

  5. I always love your clothes. I need to find your listings!
    Never head of that cereal. Maybe I should check it out? :)

  6. Conflicting dates with Easter.. that's strange, that's the one thing we don't have to worry about, with Greek easter being after "Christian" easter or does his family celebrate both??

    Love the new tag line btw x

    1. Each time you comment It goes into my spam folder??! Anyhow it's not conflicting dates bcos Greek Easter is actually the weekend after Easter is just confliciting opinions on who's place we going to spend it at all it's not "really" Easter ..blah blah blah hahaha! It can onlyyyy get better from here on in!

  7. I also have to do another cull. Ill wait til after Easter for sure! I also have my items listed for 10 days instead of 5.

    Ill just be here with husband and the in laws for Easter. Wish I could be with my family too though =[

    1. 10 days instead of 5 is a good idea! I never actually thought of that hahahaha..ah iFail

      Aw at least you get to spend some time with my husband and his family :)

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