Thursday, March 29, 2012


Milena picked Andrea to be Vlad's bride.. well obviouslyyyy! Haha I do have a life but I do love me some good reality TV and lastnight I was gagging for the finale.

I actually got most of the matches wrong I thought that Brendan's mum would pick Edwina and I swore that Tony's mum would of chosen Tammy-Lee just because of their strong connection - Poor mags when they both stood there hugging - such an awkward moment. I feel sorry for mags - Tony hates her! No doubting how that will end up! I really thought Koa would be chosen for Matt and well.. like I said Andrea for Vlad (which wasnt hard to guess!) I thought Koa handled it so graciously - what a champion!

Who did you pick?

I had some company while watching it lastnight..and probably not the good type -

M & M's
Hello Fatness.

I brought something off eBay a couple of days ago for my mum and hopefully the seller wasnt any of my readers but whatevers - I got the parcel lastnight and first thing I noticed was the parcel bag has been used before - There was sticky tape over the first persons name and they had just scribbled my name over the top!? - Mind you this seller charged me $10+ for postage.. (The cheek!) Then I went to take the pants out of the express envelope and for some reason they had stapled the bag shut.

which had stapled the pants to the bag 2 times..what the? I tried really carefully to bend the staples back so it wouldnt rip but they had used some big arse staples and as a consequece there is now two holes in the bottom of the pants.
 I sent the seller a message just asking her why - 1 she used a bag that had already been used and charged me a ridiculious price for postage and also told her about the staples (I even took a photo to show her!)
The response I got back was "Look!!..I'll refund you send it back to me (you pay costs) and I'll refund you"
Ebay can be excellent but there are some real dooshbags out there!!

I was meant to catch up with a good friend of mine yesterday for dinner but Telstra dogged me and I got all 3 of her messages at 8pm lastnight - Not Impressed.
This weekend I was going to be going to the flowershow but plans have changed D is working all weekend long so Im thinking pampering myself, sleeping in, hitting the markets and vegging out.


  1. I am such a reality tv freak too!! I was hoping for Edwina, and I thought Koa too. Poor Liz had no hope and I wasn't really a fan of Tammy Lee - she seemed lovely, but I liked Mags.
    Best tv show date - YUM M & Ms my fave ;)
    Ebay - I have had a few problems and a few arguments with people, and it totally sucks. Hope it all gets sorted!!
    Have a great weekend xx A

  2. I never watched the show, but my boyfriend knows people from Tammy Lee's circle and the stories are crazy!

    That's crazy about your eBay purchase! What an absolute idiot. Hope you manage to get it sorted out! xx

  3. Oooohh that is soo annoying! I would have been furious! (I have a bad temper though lol).

    Hahaha and yes, Milena picking Andrea was obvious from the beginning!

  4. That's annoying about ebay- has happened to me too... it's often not worth paying to have the item sent back.

  5. I got most of the picks wrong too! But I watched the Morning Show this morning and Matt and Brendan were on there. Apparently Tony and Mags didn't even gave it a go and went seperate ways, Brendan and Anna last 2 months and then ended (and then had the cheek to ask Matt for Koa's number) and Matt and Amanda lasted 2 weeks. Vlad and Andrea live in different states and are taking it a day at a time. FAIL!

  6. If you still want to visit the flower show I would join you, shame Sophie won't be visiting.

    Otherwise, I will be opting for the veg+clean apartment option :-) hehe

  7. I was watching too of course, it was sooo awkward for Tony and Mags! I'm actually having a clearout and put some items up on ebay a few days ago, can't actually believe that, some people are so cheeky! You should be entitled to a full refund and not have to pay the postage. Why don't you take it up with ebay or paypal?

  8. Oh you know I guess them right?
    How awkward was the embrace with Tony and Tammy Lee with mags just sitting there. Oops.
    Yes plans changed and I am soooo sorry :(
    Ugh yes I told you my experience with the ebay seller I have had sheeeeshhh...
    Uh yeah there is NO WAY Vlad is going to move states to be with Andrea... I can bet my first born child on that ( even though im not pregnant or trying lol )

  9. my phone has been doing that so much lately!
    a friend of mine showed up at my door, said 'didn't you get my text?' and then literally as she finished her sentence, her text came through.
    so frustrating!

  10. So dodgy. Can't believe she stapled through the pants?
    The least she could have done was apologised.