Saturday, March 10, 2012


for those of you who follow me on Instagram .sorry but you would of already seen these photos.

So after thinking about which job I was going to accept I wanted to speak to the HR manager at the marketing company and know some smaller details about the role that we hadn't discussed yet - she said she would give me a call later that day and never did, so I went with the Recruitment role.

I went and signed my contracts on friday and met the team.
Im excited but something just didnt feel 100% right but Im not sure what.

As I was leaving the HR manager from the Marketing called me and apoligised for the late reply she had been traveling for the last couple of days, before I could say anything she asked if I could start a week earlier than originally discussed and blurted out a base salary which is almost double what im on now. - But Ive already signed my contracts with the recruitment role and despite it not feeling 100% I dont think there is anything I can do now. (palm face)
D thinks I should go with the marketing role as he knows its the one I want but I'm not sure.

Friday night D had a work function on and I got to meet some of his work friends, I always find that daunting - There was lots of wine flowing so I just kept close to the bottle hahaha..I kid I kid.

OK, now this not related to anything - but I hate MYKI I prefer my good old metcard it was easy to use and I knew how much money I was spending.

 but with this sucker each time I "touch on and touch off" it deducts $3.25 from my account even though all of last week I was catching a bus then a tram straight after each other? So my trip costs me $7? Thats so odd!
Can someone actually explain to me how this rubbish works?

Kudos to the long weekend - We are off tonight to a friends house warming party an then going away tomorrow for an over night trip - I cannot wait for our short getaway.

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  1. Oh worst timing, how annoying for you!

    I'm still using my metcard, having to keep track of MYKI is a pain, I hate the fact that it can take as much money out as it wants without me being able to prove otherwise.

  2. Im sure you can get out of your contract if you really wanted to. At my last workplace we were waiting for a new guy to start but he never ended up coming. And Im pretty sure he signed the contract and everything, otherwise we wouldnt have all known about him starting...?

    Anyways, I love that dress? Where is it from/who is it by? You have a beautiful figure!

    =] xox

  3. I think you were meant to take the job that you got and decided with. I think the first decision is always the right decision - things work out in mysterious ways. I wouldn't break contract. Life has a path and it's leading you down one.
    Banging body FYI !


    1. I know and Im such a big believer in this too soph but it just doesnt feel right!?

  4. You look great in that dress - I agree with Sophie, I want your figure LOL!

    I'm sure you could get out of the contract if you really wanted, but surely you didn't only accept this job because the other company took as bit longer to get back to you than they said? Go with your gut :)

    1. No I accepted this job because the more i learnt about it and really thought about it has some really strong career bonuses with some great exposure to agency recruitment and felt like it would be an ideal move, but once I went in there met the team and signed my papers something just clicked and it felt like its not the right thing for me.. I didnt even know at that stage that the other role was mine either.. if that makes sense!

  5. Hmm - the Myki shouldn't take more than $7 for a whole DAY if you're travelling only in zone 1. I usually catch a tram & a train in the morning and the same in the arvo & it only charges me for my firt trip in the morning (on the tram) and then again in the afternoon.

    As for the job, I think you could easily break contract if you haven't even started yet. It is a bit of burning your bridges because it probably won't come off too good for the company you break the contract with - BUT, if you really like the sound of the other job, and it's good money, it would be a worthy sacrifice to make.

    1. Hmm..thats weird my MYKI must just hate me lol!

      Yeah I know I can always break contract but I hate doing that and have never done it before nor seen myself doing it, but something you just have to listen to your gut.. Gah. Why me lol!

  6. Oh no! What bad timing!! I guess you went with recruitment one based on not hearing back from the marketing in time? If something isn't sitting right with the recruitment one, listen to those warnings and take heed! It's not too late to break contract and accept the other one. I have made a similar mistake in the past, accepting a job I had reservations about, but started anyway, lasted a week in the job before I realised it was the wrong decision and left. The other job which I had the choice out of was then already offered to another, so I was left with nothing. Listen to these gut feelings, cause they are usually spot on!

    1. No really babe, I accepted the recruitment job because they moved the fastest with the whole process and I did want that job 100% otherwise I would of verbally accepted it, because in one way I couldn't just sit around and wait for the marketing company to send me across a start date.. so I went with the role that felt positive.. but then when I went in there and met the team there was something in my mind going "no way hosay!"

  7. I have yet to move across to Myki. I don't understand it. However at the end of March I have no choice - I use a weekly ticket and as of March 26th or something, these are no longer being sold!! ANYWHERE!! So I have to get Myki. I have found out that I can get a 7-day Myki pass though, it costs exactly the same amount as my Metcard does (so Myki, where is this saving you told me so much about at the start??) and as I am in Zone 1 + 2, it doesn't matter if I don't touch on/touch off properly as I am already paying the maximum amount and am covered for the full week.

  8. Forget the contract, go with the other job.

    If you have not already started yet and you don't feel right, it is only going to get worse!!!

    People do it all the time. Break the contract.

  9. Go with what feels right! It doesn't matter if you break the contract, they could take legal action but it is probably not worth it for them. Just call them and explain. It will be a horrible conversation, but I think you will regret it if you don't have it!

  10. You look amazing in that dress, so so hot!
    About the timing, all I can say, it sucks and I know how that feels.

  11. My original vote was for the marketing role, I stand by it.
    If it doesn't feel right to you, you'll always question it. Would you rather regret breaking a contract 'that one time' or accepting the role and deciding you don't like it, being stuck and regretting you took the other?
    Sounds like your mind is made up to me, you just want to do 'the right thing'.
    Screw the right thing, you have to do what is right for YOU.
    Listen to D too, he knows you best and knows you want the marketing job...

    Good luck either way though Hol xx