Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I love long weekends - whoever created them kudos to you!

Saturday we went to the travel agents and booked some more bits and pieces for our holiday in Dec I know its yonks away but I'm getting excited.

I discovered that Chocolate was only $1 at Coles
I brought..... one.

Life was good.

On Sunday we wanted to get out of Melbourne for a night so we headed towards the mountains - I have no sense of direction and could be driving around in circles until someone told me otherwise so when D said where we were going I asked him why we werent using the west gate bridge and he looked at me straight and said "because its the total other direction".. Oh right then.

I had burnt a new CD for the trip and I had my gangsta swagger on and I got the feeling that perhaps the boyfriend had wished he had left me behind - Not to worry I was armed with my all time favourite road trip buddy - Chupa Chups!

You cannot go wrong.

After seeing mountain ahead for what felt like forever 2.5 hours later we arrived - I was freezing and its fair to say when I left Melbourne it was a nice and sunny 30 degrees and my shorts where more than enough.. but when we arrived at Mount Baw Baw I didn't want to get out of the car.
 The cabin we stayed in was so cute & country like - When we arrived we had this waiting for us

First dibs on the strawberries.
We had such a relaxing night and I felt so relaxed - you couldn't even hear anything outside it was dead quiet - I started to freak out but then we just watched some DVD's had a spa and chilled.
Monday morning we went out for breakfast and had the most amazing egg fritta I had ever tasted  I didnt want to come we ended up leaving there about miday for the drive home.

We got back late yesterday afternoon and headed out to Bay St for coffee..

and then for the rest of the evening I was being lazy and didnt move from my laptop.

Perfect end to a long weekend.
Happy Labour Day!


  1. is mt baw baw near canberra? i have lots of family in canberra and darwin... >:)

    1. You're asking the wrong girl about directions haha but yes I noticed on the GPS it said canberra..so perhaps?!

      One of my best friends used to there so I should probably know better lol'

  2. Sounds like the perfect long weekend. Yay to living in Melbs and getting extra holidays! xx

  3. Wow, it sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! I love your comments under the photos, they make me smile x

  4. Love a road trip! Especially when there is Moet and strawberries at the end. And that coffee... I'll take one of those right now!

  5. Where are you staying in Thailand?... You had a long weekend!... Very unfair! Sounds like a good weekend though x