Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday I went shopping with Dim who wanted to go and buy a new leather jacket while I watched him blow $500 in one transaction I got depressed by my shopping ban which in turn made the boy cave in and buy me something! I brought this new blouse from Portmans - Its actually alot more sheer than this photo but I adore it - Cannot wait to wear it tomorrow for work!

I'll post another photo tomorrow because this one just doesn't do it justice!

I also found this and wanted it just because of the letter H

The weekend was quiet and very boring I rolled out of bed at 7am to go to a Yoga class and went home and went back to bed for an hour before we cleaned the apartment head to toe then we a went to an open house an I fell in love but of course the boy felt differently and started to rattle on about 10 different things that he didn't like - We still disagree but I'm trying to somewhat persuade him!

Work this week is going to be much more full on and I cannot wait! I also get my business cards this week - Yeow!

Tell me your weekend goss!?
Ps: I heard Kim Kardashian got flour bombed?


  1. Haha she did get flour bombed, apparently because she wears fur or something.

    I loooooove the Portmans top, so so pretty!

  2. The shirt is so nice! Good work getting it purchased for you ;) haha

    House hunting?? Buying or renting? Always exciting even if you don't always agree...


    1. HouseHunting to buy! :D Its exciting but very stressful at the same time

  3. hahaha I heard about the flour bomb too and you have just reminded me to look it up now.

    I moved house!! Yipppeeeeee... and I had a wedding and a 30th birthday party. I am now exhausted but happy.

  4. Have you seen the photos of Kim being flour bombed. Or even the video. Errrr haha it was a little crazy to say the least! Oh I love the blouse and looking forward to a piccy today!
    My weekend was quite boring - involved watching two games of soccer and also a spot of shopping :/