Friday, March 23, 2012


Its Friday night and I'm sitting here in my frigging hoodie and tights because its bloody freezing!? Im also drooling over everything that I cannot buy on ASOS because of my shopping ban - Im actually really tempted to just buy up big to shove it in its face but then thats just hurting myself and my bank account..sooo I'll just grin and bear it a litttle while longer!

I've wanted a new Tiffany & Co ring for a while now and I think Ive probably dropped more hints than what a normal person blinks per day so when I came home last night it had arrived! I was super excited

My crappy iPhone was being a knob last night and wouldn't focus! but then sometimes its the best thing ever.. so frustrating so I apologize for the bad ass photos!

3pm came and these jelly beans somehow ended up on my desk - I couldn't not..not eat them soo.. I destroyed them jelly beans along with gummy and sour lollies are my weakness!
Whats your one weakness?

Tonight after work I got dragged along with the boy to do some clothes shopping for him he wanted a new winter jacket so I we went from Politix to YD and back to Politix and then back to some other shop and I started to get angry at him because I wasn't going to have another replay of our Rebel Sport experience (if you remember!)

turns out he didn't even end up buying any of them - "I dont know if I like it!" Fair to say I didn't encourage or discourage I wanted out of there - I was starving.

I have to be up at 7am tomorrow for a yoga class - Im regretting this now.
Big weekend plans?


  1. My boy is the exact same!! Went suit shopping with him once and can safely say that will be the last time. He dragged me store to store, back and forth, uhmming and ahhhing. And boys think we're bad!!?

    I have to be up at 6am tomorrow to referee!! Also regretting this now. I'm seriously hoping its not windy and the money will make it worth the early start (haha)

  2. oh lolllliiiiessss! I'm on my 3rd bag of Peanut m&m's plus a bag of sour peach lollies. I need to ask hubby to stop bringing junk food because I cannot stop eating it once it's in front of me.

  3. Jelly beans!! Is it bad that's the first thing I noticed? Possibly because I'm craving sugar. iPhone's can be so annoying like that with the focus. And yay for the Tiffany ring xx

  4. HAHAHA your guy sounds just like mine! or are they all the same. Back and fourth 10 indecisive. It drives me crazy too!

    My one weakness....NUTELLA!! dam it! and i only really feel like it at around 9pm. how bad is that =[

    Love the ring =D