Monday, March 26, 2012


B to the lah.
Im so moody, tired and just over everyone and probably everything.

But as promised I snapped a photo of my new blouse in the bathrooms today at work (Moments before someone else walked in hahah - Slyy!) hopefully I did this photo justice!
(lets ignore the fact that its not properly tucked in shall we)

Today at work was so full on - I had again back to back interviews for a urgent job that come in - By 4pm I was sick and tired of hearing my own voice - Yuck.

So I turned to sugar - hahaha always a winner in my eyes

and that got me through to 5pm - Thankgoodness

Tomorrow is my uncles funeral - I'm going at it alone after D decided he wasn't going to attend.
Im going to go to work in the morning and then head off around 1pm - I know this sounds really stupid but what do I wear? I know at my dads funeral I wore colours but that was at his request. I havent been to a funeral in a while and really dont know if Black is still the go.. I'm going to have to wear whatever I wear to work to the funeral which is corporate anyways? But would love some of your ideas?


  1. I'm so sorry about your uncle <3 (and that D isn't going). Funerals are hard to dress for, but all-black isn't really done any more in my experience. Just wear whatever you would normally wear to work, in probably neutral colours. Good luck x

  2. At my dad's funeral last October we wore black. Most people wore black or dark colours...except a couple of bogans who didn't know any better and rocked up in jeans. As long as you look smart and muted that's the main thing. Before that, I hadn't been to a funeral since year 12 and that was for our old principal so we wore school uniform.

  3. Love the top, I might get myself one too.
    I think just stick to black, I don't think everyone always wears black anymore but it's safe and appropriate.

  4. I am with Mrs B with black too - or even navy, dark grey etc.
    I think dark colours are fine.
    LOVE the shirt.
    Relationships can be frustrating sometimes. Trust me. But remember the good times you have and hang onto that.

  5. I am sorry to hear about your uncle :(

    I love your top! Is it see through? Does it require a cami to be worn underneath?


    1. Yep it's very sheer! You need a cami underneath :)

  6. I've been to a couple of funerals during 'work hours' and wearing whatever you wear to work will be fine :) like already said, keep in dark/neutral.
    Good luck xx

  7. I'm sorry about your uncle, funerals can be so hard. :( I think as long as you're wearing darker, neutral colours you will be fine. Best wishes for tomorrow x

  8. My condolences to your family in this tough time. Definitely wear something neutral. Black and navy blue is always a safe bet.

    Good luck tomorrow, funerals are never easy.

    Liesl xxx

  9. "B to the lah" haha!!

    Cute blouse, saw something similar at some store but didn't pick it up (not sure why not now)..

    Now I was tagged and tagged you in my response! Care to participate?

  10. Oh shit. Hadn't read through the entire post till after I sent my comment and now that I have read about your uncle I feel like such an awful person for bringing up the tag in the same post. Real sorry hun.
    Maybe don't approve my previous post?

    Maybe go with black?

  11. Hello my darling! I hope your day turns out ok for you in the end
    I have voted you for an award on my blog - seems you got voted for another one too! Woo for you!!

  12. I have to agree with others and say stick to black. I hope you get through today alright sweety xx

  13. Hi lovely! Im back...sad to be back =[ Miss all my family in Melbourne.

    That blouse/shirt looks GREAT on you!!! I should not have looked at your blog...I think I need to go out and buy this top now =/


  14. And im sorry to hear about your uncle =[ and you dad =`[ =`[

    Many hugs and kisses your way! and many blessing to you and your family xox

  15. That outfit looks positively smashing on you!

    Very sorry to hear about your uncle and hope you are ok x