Thursday, March 15, 2012


Its so weird how things turn out - for those that where following my little breakdown last night you'll know I spoke to my manager at the Recruitment Agency saying I couldn't accept the role then went and ate a bowl of ice-cream while feeling like the worlds worst person.

At 8am this morning I got a call from the Marketing Company who wanted to confirm something around Payroll with me and she casually dropped into the conversation that my "full time" role was now a "6 month contract role - depending on my fit with the company" .. Ah I'm sorry what? Thats not what I signed up for - at the same time I was on the phone to her the MD of the role I rejected lastnight was leaving me a voicemail.

Long story short - I have done a 360' degree turn around and today was my first day at the Recruitment Company I now cannot now wipe the smile off my face the role is actually fantastic! and I am so glad I was able to be persuaded and had the support from their MD to actually get me on board even after declining the role the night before.

Check out the view from my office!
Level 36 baby

After the morning I had and only making the decision at 8.45am to start at 9am I needed a coffee badly! I found a new coffee shop which was devine.

In other news this morning my GHD Died.. (Straight Face!) End of the world I know. I was almost in tears its my bestfriend hahaha! I need a hair straightener my hair is out of control in the mornings, All my life I have always been a GHD girl without a doubt, as it was my first day at work I couldn't leave to go and solve my hair dilemma! So I messaged D and asked him to go and pick me up one - His reply was a "what is that?" Hmmm..

The girl on the phone asked me if I had heard of the new Halo and I said No? She claimed it was better than the GHD.. Sorry what? I then asked her the price and she said $260.00 + but she swore on her life it was 10 times better. I took a leap of faith

GHD Who..? Honestly thing little baby is the shiz!!
I am gobsmacked its honestly fantastic! 
Have you ever used one or heard about them? I had never before today but hello there is no turning back for me.. Halo all the way!


  1. wow im so envious of your view, it's stunning!

  2. Everyone is talking about Halo's lately!! I may look into investing one if my GHD ever dies.
    Although I'm so lazy when it comes to straightening my hair, haha!

    So jealous of your view, it is absolutely gorgeous.

    So glad you're enjoying it so far at the recruitment company. Hoping it continues for you.

  3. Woahhh talk about heights! Nice view!
    HALO? Oh wow I am going to need to tell my mum about this - she is a hair dressers and stocks GHD's. I just bought a new one a couple of months ago. But I swear by mine I love it!
    Fantastic news about your job!

  4. Ive never heard of the halo!

    Congrats on getting the job back! Glad everything worked out for you =] xox

  5. What is the difference between the Halo and the GHD? I've been using my trusty purple GHD for four years now and it has never failed me!

  6. I'm glad it's working out for you at the recruitment company! You've got a pretty sweet view. And I've never heard of Halo, but my hair is pin straight so I don't own a straightener.

    xx Jessica

  7. I am sorry for your GHD loss, but at least you were able to move on. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Oh wow, you had a crazy few days then!
    Glad it's working out for you, maybe it was all some sort of weird test fate was giving you?
    Nice view too :-)

  9. Wow lol, that's crazy... so good that it all worked out for you though!

    Jealous of your view... I have walls to look at ha!


  10. That's a fantastic result:) Glad it worked out for the best!

  11. Yay! Congrats that's do exciting. It was clearly meant to be. Sometimes things just happen in a round about way! Deaaaaaath to the dead ghd omg the anxiety that would happen if that happened to me before a first day somewhere! Haha the curls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaah! You'll have to show us a before and after with te new straightener. Xxx

  12. So good the job thing worked out for you in the end - great view :)

  13. That's a huge turnaround! I'm glad you've finally settled in the right position + your view is amazing! :)

  14. Oh my goodness! Sounds like that marketing company were a little fickle and you are definitely better off without them!

    You poor thing, GHD packing up on your first day. That is like my worst nightmare! I have only ever had a hair dryer die when I really needed it. A very quick trip to the shops with a hat on and I was good to go!

    Emergency straightener dash, what a boy! :-)

  15. Wow! Funny turn of events hey! Guess things work out how they are meant in the end! Glad you are happy with the outcome and with that view, I'm sure you could at least pretend you are happy hehe

  16. Thanks for the Halo tip, i'll keep it in mind and congrats. I am so glad everything worked out for you!

  17. Congratulations I am so happy everything worked out for you. You deserve only the best!
    Ice cream is definitely my comfort when something sucky happens.
    I really want to buy a Halo straightener you have convinced me (shame I am poor). Good Luck sweetheart xoxo

  18. Yaaaay!!!! So glad it went well for you!! Can't believe how complicated it all got towards the end though..

    And can you imagine just this week I saved a link to a GHD flat iron and then here comes your post about something even better!

  19. Great post!...

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  20. So glad everything worked out in the end :)

    I love my GHD! Never heard of Halo, I wonder if it'll ever start to overtake.

  21. Really happy to hear that things ended up being worked out! Enjoy the view too - it's one of the few things I miss from when I used to work as an engineer. :) I've gone from the 44th/47th floor to a basement!

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