Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thanks to everyone who offered advice to me on yesterdays post! V much appreciated. I always find it easier to make a decision after I talk about it - hence the post lol! 

Yesterday I wore this little baby - I also posted the photo on Instagram and got a lot of comments about it asking where I brought it from. This is one of the few hand made things I own.. and I wish I could take credit for this one but no my friend who I went to Uni makes them! She's so talented.

I love the colours.
Last night for dinner I was craving Pad Thai and figured it'd be better for my bank account to make some instead of buying it so me being the chef I am [read:not] decided to make it!

Today I was working at Melbourne Uni again for a couple of hours - Thanks to Yarra trams I was running late but they didnt mind - Opps! Ive decided to lay off the coffee for a bit while im not working full time and opted to take up another of my lovers - T2 I brought this baby to wake me up this mornig and to be honest it felt good!.. But I dont think anything will kick my caffine buzz!

3pm came and it was home time it was also food time - I love protein bars for a quick fix. Im actually a huge fan of the Body Science products!

Do you eat these?


  1. They are some of my favourite protein bars - the cookies and cream flavour is so yummy! I like the chocolate brownie ones too but not sure if that is the same brand or not!

  2. I love those bars, but since I'm doing the 12 WBT I am trying hard to not eat packaged food. It hits the spot when I'm craving chocolate though!

  3. oooh yum! i've only had the choc fudge one and it was gooooood.