Thursday, September 19, 2013


Yesterday was the boyfriends birthday and the old man turned 26. 
I told him I would take a photo of him today and then again next year on his birthday and see how much older he looked, he wasn't too keen on this idea, but I snapped it anyway.

He had a work dinner on last night so we didn't make dinner plans, instead we caught up for lunch.
We went to Left bank in Southbank.

The boyfriend ordered Corn Fed Roast Chicken $33
I had the Steak with Cherry Salad $22

 I like left bank they have good food and its relatively priced.
However, if I tell you I don't want blood coming from my steak, I mean it! Gah.
But the boyfriend loved his which was good, considering its his birthday ha!

Yesterday in the foyer of my work building they had a number of different stalls set up, I'm not sure if these are all local people they must be? Anyway I saw that there was a cupcake stall. This of course peaked my interest so over I went.

They where $2 each
2 for $5
6 for $12

I brought two, one for the boyfriend for his birthday. When I gave it to him he asked if it was "A Protein Cupcake" I smiled and said "Of Course" haha. 

But in all seriousness, these cupcakes are purely amazing. If you cant see the label above they are from "Sophisticakes" her name is Barbara  and I highly suggest that you check out her website!
I don't even know if she does online ordering, but I know she makes cupcakes, wedding cakes, engagement cake etc etc. They are so darn good.

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary and we are heading away for the weekend a bit of a combo for our anniversary and his birthday.
Cannot wait!


  1. Most men age really slowly, I'd be surprised if there was a noticeable difference between this year and next! :) Hope you two had a great anniversary!