Saturday, March 16, 2013


Everyone loves cake. Especially Ice-cream cake - on thursday one of the boys at work had his 30th and the only way to celebrate is with cake.

My boss also gave me a coffee card with free coffee or a whole week. I've actually gone off coffee at the moment - Who'd have thought?! I've been drinking green tea in the mornings instead and have started feeling so much more awake! So thanks for the advice a little while back.. I'm now working on my breakfast issues haha.

This is what happens when you burn yourself with the hair straightener.
Worlds most unco right here.

As apart of the food and wine festival they put together a urban coffee farm in south bank, if you're from Melbourne you've probably seen/been here but its right beneath our work.. Since I've gone off the coffee I haven't tried their coffee but after 5 it turns into a bar and Friday night after work my work buddies and I went to check it out.

Featuring Burbon Espresso Martini.
The weather was ah amazing yesterday but in true style today was wet, cold and miserable.
The boyfriend was working over time today so I got my domestic goddess out and cleaned, cooked and dragged out all of my winter clothes to give them a good wash.

I'm not complaining Autumn is my favorite season (Birthday time!) but I wasn't ready as this weather came out of no where after our 9 day heat wave! Which made me want to go shopping but I listened to that little conscious of mine that was yelling out save save save! Didn't stop me jumping online to see what I was missing out on.

I made a facebook page so I can interact with you guys more.. So I would love it if you could like/follow..Happy Days.


  1. I love ice cream cake! I'm nearly 26 but get it every year! the best x

    1. I don't think I'll ever be too old for ice-cream cake haha!

  2. Omg I don't even know where to start with this weather. SOOOO COLD! Been complaining all day and yesterday too haha! Liked your fb page :D

    1. Haha thanks chicken!

      Yeh it's always the way.. One minute we want it to be cold bcos its been so hot and then it's cold and we want the heat back! Not me thou.. I love this weather hahaha

  3. This weekend was shit. I was housebound all weekend as didn't want to brave the rain.

    Espresso martini, YUM

  4. I always burn myself make sure you put Ice on straight away!

  5. amazing images, i like this clouds background!!

    hope we follow and stay in touch! im goooing!


  6. i totally went shopping on saturday!! I just took one look at the grey skies and im like...SOUTHLAND come at me!! haha

  7. Hi hol!

    You know my feelings on ice cream cake.... Delish!!!

    This weather is like one extreme to another. Good old melbourne, always keeping us guessing hehe xx