Monday, March 4, 2013


On saturday we went to the Airshow.  The Boyfriends uncle and little brother both came along. I had never been before and it's one of those events in which we said Oh yeah we will go and never do! So this year as soon as The Boyfriend heard about it he jumped on the tickets.

My camera is currently out of action at the moment so the boyfriend got me this new toy for the weekend. I didnt really know what to expect nor what to wear I knew we would be walking around so knew flats would be in order I ended up wearing jeans and a white tee with the scarf above.

On our way.
 we arrived and there was people scattered everywhere, planes everywhere, tents across each section and all different planes/helicopters/jets flying high and low! It was pretty full on and noisy! They offered us ear plugs but I didnt bother.. whats the point? Its like going to a concert and putting in headphones haha!

 My two favouite things hahaha.
I always get so excited when I come across Fairy Floss.


Sadly, I didnt realise how strong the sun was.. We put on some sunscreen at the beginning of the day but as the day went on time flew past and it wasnt until around 3pm that I looked down and told the boyfriend my arms where hurting.. little we realise how badly I was burnt!

You cant see too much of the damage here.
We ended up leaving around 4.30pm - It was such a fun day, met so many US soliders (these guys are cray!) got some great photos and saw some huge crazy fighter jets. I def recommend going.

We had plans to meet up with some family friends for dinner so about 8pm we headed to Docklands.
to New Quay - Its an international buffet all you can eat.

Dont get me wrong it was beautiful both inside and out we had a table right beside the water. I wasnt too impressed with the price $65.00 per head! I know it's all you can eat but we had to be out of there within 2 hours so how much can you eat in that time!? The food was nice, but not nice enough to spend $65.00.


On the plus side they did have my favourite Moscato and dessert.

I'll leave you with a picture of my classy sunburnt arm.. I think I should take a mental health holiday to go and fix my tan, lay on a beach for 5 days and chillax.

Aloe Vera is my bestfriend.


  1. WOW that sunburn looks bad!! You poor thing - hope it's feeling better soon


  2. The air show sounded like fun! But OUCH to the sunburn.... keep up the aloe vera spray! You could even try Paxyl spray if it gets really sore as it has a mild anaesthetic in it.
    K x

    1. The airshow was good have you been before!? Sunburn def was causing me some issues yesterday and it seemed like the Aloe Vera spray was aggrevating it!? :(

  3. Oh no you poor thing! You must be in so much pain :S

    You and the bf look adorable!!


    1. It was driving me crazy lastnight.. but not too bad this morning!

  4. OUCH your sunburn! much worse than the one I got from the Australian Open!!! That's gonna be painful for a couple of nights :( The airshow looks fun though!!

  5. Ouch at sunburn! Did the $65 include drinks? If not I agree rip off!

    1. No drinks werent included! Def not happy about that haha..

  6. Lord I haven't been to the air show since 2005. I only remember because I just bought this red Alfa and my friends made me drive it to the airshow. Anyway how the rich have fallen lol...

    In my opinion the only good places for buffets are in Singapore hotels. More expensive but lord they deliver!

  7. omg that sunburn looks sore!! I was badly burnt in thailand, and I couldnt let anything touch my skin, even taking a shower was painful!
    just keep putting aloe vera on it, thats all you can do!

    i hate expensive buffets! there was one that used to be at crown, called "sante", i dont think its there anymore but i remember that being like $29 for dinner on a saturday night and i loved it so much! went there for my birthday, twice! haha

  8. Such a lovely couple!


  9. Hello my darling! You look a vision in that photo with dimitri! Here is a treatment I have tried before.

    It works!

    1. You know what! I actually found that online and used black tea bags it actually works!! Hahah I went to bed smelling like tea!

  10. Hey Hol,

    well on the upside, you wont need any tanning products for a while, you'll have a real one haha sounds like you had a great time though. On Friday night I was driving home to Geelong and fireworks were coming out of plane, the freeway traffic slowed right down to watch the show it was pretty impressive... anyway not that its relevant but thought i'd share that lol

    I agree that moscato is the best! xxx