Friday, February 8, 2013


Yesterday I went back to the dentist as my results had been sent back. They came back so much quicker than excepted; Last visit I was told 2 weeks but they came within 1. This is where you are able to watch your results change week by week, month by month until the end result. My main problem is that I have overcrowding and a small mouth - this isnt noticeable when I talk because I dont have a wide mouth but its there! As you can see from the photos below.

These are my teeth now. See lots of crowding

These will be my teeth 10 months into treatment. (I took the photo lop sided so please forgive!)
Overalll there is a huge difference - I was really amazed at the results.
I just need to pay my despoit and then my alligners come in about 2-3 weeks.
While I am excited to get started I'm also really nervous? This is a huge thing.
My treatment overall should take 12 months - 10 months to move and then around 2 months to make any other adjustments or minor changes. I have complete trust in my orthodontist and feel really positive.
What do you guys think?
In other news. I had to start work at 7am the other day and while I was feeling sorry for myself I snapped this baby - I love my view.
I've also noticed that everyone is alot more friendly at that time of the morning I was on the bus at 6.30am and its all the other old grandmas and grandpas on the bus who want to smile and chat (well in my area it is anyway!) compared to the normal 7.45am hussle of school kids and people pushing to line up and get onto the bus first hahaha.
I have finally convinced the boyfriend that we are going to Bedi's Resturant on Saturday night for Indian -  I have been hanging out for this for ages now! I'll report back.
Valentines day is just around the corner - Some people hate this day and others love it. Personally I love it but I'm not 100% into it - Damn straight I love flowers and all things pretty but I do think there is alot of hype commercially around this day.
My question for you girls out there - Do you buy your partners anything for Vday?


  1. I think I mentioned this last year... we take turns (starting last year lol) one year someone buys the other a present, and the other person plans what we do. Then the next year we swap! We were always trying to do both things for each other and so this worked out well for me.

    I can't wait! This year it is my turn for a surprise and I have booked us in to have dinner, canapes and drinks at the zoo!!! We actually get to eat in the Koala enclosure! hehe I think i'll love it more than him, oh well.

    1. That'll be such a awsome way to spend valentines day!! Well planned xx

  2. Oh wow! that's amazing! I know quite a few people who have had it and always praise the results. Sooo spensy isn't it!

    Your view is lovely. I love Melbourne so much.

    Hmmmmm Valentines. usually, in the past - we always do something for it. If it's something out of the ordinary or dinner, pressy. etc. YES it is a commercialised day - hyped up to the extreme - but sometimes we lose sight of the ones we live in the hustle and bustle that is life and to have a day to focus on YOUR relationship isn't a bad thing.

    Hope you have a lovely Day Hol!

    - KK

    1. Price ranges but yep it def can cost if you need complex work done!!

      Ah tell me about - One of my friends ended up ending her rship over the whole hype of valentines day as her partner didnt live upto "her expectations" on valentines! Pretty scrary.

    2. WHAT!!!!! Lol - are you for realz? She musn't have been too into her partner then to break up over something so trvial? Oh goodness me!!

      Expectations = dissapointment! WHY HAVE THEM! :)

      - KK x

  3. I hope you post progess pics of your teeth as you go :-) I'm sure the change will look even more dramatic in your actual smile :-)

    Though, I don't think your teeth are that bad to begin with. OMG my teeth before I first got braces? I had gaps and crowding and teeth popping out above (like in the gum line) other terrible.

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  5. ROFL wait till you have to catch 6.30am flight... :) KIDDING.

    I saw that IG pic and I thought you were going to the gym! :)

    I say do it for the invisalign, I think it is worth it and definitely you'll think it's money well spent! <3

    1. Haha nope no gym I have completely fallen off that bandwagon! Not good.

      I would be the worst catching a 6.30am flight so I give you full credits ;P xx

  6. We are away from home on Valentines Day so don't have any babysitters so likely to be spending it in front of the TV. I don't mind as my anniversary was only a few weeks ago.

    My sister is getting braces but I told my mum about this invisalign thing and she said it was too expensive but I guess my sister wasn't 15 and being dependent on my parents this would have been a better option!

  7. You're going to love the results! I work in dental, and a friend and my cousin recently had invisalign treatment.
    It's great for us grown ups who have self control not to leave them out all the time, as teenagers would! :)

    1. Most people that work in dental have said that to me! I guess I like it more as you can see the results as you go!! x

  8. I had invisalign for a few months after normal braces and it worked well on the stubborn tooth that didn't move with traditional braces.


  9. The time with Invisalign looks like it will definitely be worth it! This year I will buy a V day present.... It will be our first one as Husband and Wife!
    K xx

    1. Ooh that'll make it that much more special for you guys this year! x