Friday, February 15, 2013


Hooray! Finally my OzSale haul from REVLON came to work yesterday!
It took about 3.5weeks which for me is pretty standard whenever I do order anything from OzSale I hate the wait but it makes it worth wild when the goods arrive.

I ordered 4 x Lipsticks
1 Lipstick
2 NailPolishs
1 Eye Primer

The first is a 900 Revlon lipstick which is a pale pink.. It looks different in the photo because I instagram'd the photos! BUT its very pale pink (but not in that I'm wearing foundation look on my lips!).. No offence. This one will be perfect for work.

 003 "Mauve it over" I love this one and wore it to work today. It may just become my new favourite

and finally my next favourite.
Every girl needs a good red/deep pink lipstick (Aside from MAC)

I think I have found mine.
I also got a foundation which is actually not the one I ordered. This one is for a skin tone 2 x's lighter than mine so I'll be most likely putting that one in the bin. I dont think you can return products to Oz sale if you where sent the wrong thing? Actually I dont think I could be bothered with the hassle!

I also picked up two shades of nailpolish to add to the good old collection.
I didn't realize it when ordering but the silver one is actually scented like coconuts! Once it becomes scented. haha I loved this!

Ps: Overlook my nail polish its all cracked and scratched- it was the end of my week wearing that colour! hahaha

Valentines Day post coming tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a fantastic day


  1. I hate that month-long wait for Ozsale parcels :( I need instant gratification hahahaa

    Lovely haul though!!

  2. Love the mauve it over colour...! Can't wait to read about your V Day - hope it was a good one :)
    K x

  3. If ozsale made a mistake you should definitely let them know! Odds are they will refund your money but tell you to keep it anyway (and I know my mum was sent a pair of shoes which were two different sizes and just sent them back and they obviously had to give her a refund).

    Fab purchases!

    1. Thanks love!
      Yeah I was thinking about it.. I will have a look at their website today and see how to go about it!

  4. Awesome purchases. I love Mauve it Over too. Hate buying through Ozsale though. I like instant shopping gratification :-)

    1. Its perfect for work and for play which is the bonus!

      I know thats the only issue I have with online shopping haha!