Monday, August 20, 2012


How cold was Friday in Melbourne HUH!? Worst. It started out with me picking up some Chocolate from the Chocolate Box at the Home and Garden Expo which was held over the weekend at the Exhibition Centre (I'll post more on that later!) But they are a client of mine and I got free tickets to check it out! - Rugged up w my new Topshop jumper, trackies and moccasins we headed to the airport to pick up D's little brother who was in Melbourne for the weekend.

Short lived at the Football on Saturday I left the house in the freezing cold and wet weather with the hope that my team would eliminate Carlton (and much more!)

Unfortunately we saw ourselves leaving at 3 quarter time. There is losing and then there is losing by 100+ points. Shame Shame Shame! Upside was that we went to a Richmond bar before hand to get some lunch and Sammy Newman walked in - D's little brother went and took a photo with him - He's so (Funny!?) in real life and has this constant confused look on his face!

Mimco Purse
Us 3.. Yes and one day I will marry that man with the hand motion to his crotch!
Outfit shot - I love my new boots
Sam Newman & Vasili!

Things are finally getting back to normal after a good 2 weeks full of stress!


  1. Love your blog!!
    I'm also a bombers supporter, and that game was very embarassing :S

  2. Weather has been RUBBISH! We had to move out on Saturday, and lugging heavy furniture into a ute in pouring rain was NOT my idea of fun! Luckily I was busy that day, or I would have been at the football too! And I never leave before the end of a game, losing or not, so that would have been a very painful event! Such a disappointment the way the Bombers have played recently. Ahh well, there's always next season! Haha

  3. hahahaha at the "yes and one day..." - BOYS!

  4. Oh good to hear that things are getting back to normal Miss. x

    - KK

  5. Ugh friday was horrible! i was wearing like 3 layers and had the heater on at work, lol
    lol @ sam newman, he does seem like a funny bloke!

  6. How do you look soo good in trackies?? When i was reading that (before I sore the photo) i was imagining you in baggy trackies hahaha.

    Love the photo in the lift LOL

  7. Glad to hear things are running smoothly now! I was thinking how you were doing...Glad all is fine!!

    Haha loving the I will one day marry that man... Funny picture! And good work with the Sam Newman picture too!