Monday, August 13, 2012


I umm'ed and Argh'd about making this post because my blog is a mixture of lifestyle, fashion, food and pointless posts and didnt want to get too serious or change the vibe of my blog but even D agreed that I should make a post to at least make people aware and considering that most of my readers are women.. and I agreed.

First off sorry for being MIA for the past week or so - As suggested in my last post I was dealing with some things that came at me from left of field and took me offline for a good week!  I wont go into too much detail as I am still waiting for the test results to return but I just want to get real for a moment. Health in general is something that is SO important to stay ahead of but more so Womens Health - Our bodies are amazing creatures but they can also be our worst enemies.

Papsmears are something that women should get every 2 years. Sure they are uncomfortable and could even freak you out but trust me they are well worth it! Its 5 minutes of feeling anxious versus a lifetime of health issues that sometimes arent uncovered until the later part of your life.  I'll confess I hate them - and would always try to put it off but you need to get them done! Papsmears are able to detect abnormal cervicial changes which your body may or may not give symptoms too.

Until I get any of my results back I wont be jumping to any rash thoughts but I'll admit last week it really hit me and also D - Im not going to lie it was actually a really shit week. My mind wasnt at work even though I was and laying in bed at night your mind just wonders! I think its human nature for your mind to run to the worst possible senario.

To cheer me up Dim suprised me the best bunch of yellow roses Friday night after work

We had plans to escape reality on Saturday for a night away to the Macdeon Ranges and just spend some quiet time together but we changed our minds after we realised most of the accomodation was already booked out! #fail. haha yes I am the worst planner alive!

To keep my mind off things we had a pretty out and about weekend - I dragged D along to go Macaron shopping at Thomas Dux in Port Melbourne. Have you ever been there? If not I highly reccomend you do! After that he dragged me to a BMW car meet which I lasted a whole.. 5 minutes before asking if we could leave haha! I cannot remember when I took this photo of the sunrise probably one morning lat week when I couldnt sleep and woke up at some rediclious hour of the morning but what a photo!

Coffee on the balcony on sunday morning while everyone else in my household is snoozing! - Is a good enough excuse for a photo right? Yes.

I'll catch up w all your blogs today but hope everyones been well xxx


  1. Oh, I hope all is okay with you! Sending you good vibes that all comes back clear with your tests.

    Thanks for the reminder, I think we need to remember that we're not invincible sometimes! x

  2. Thinking of you hun, I hope your test results come back with the best possible results. Not something you should have to be worrying about when you're so young :-(

    Thank you for sharing with us, I love it when one of my favourite bloggers feels comfortable enough to expose themselves a little more to their readers, as much as I love fashion/food/lifestyle/random posts, I love the ones that make me feel like a friend that much more.


  3. Praying everything is perfect for you Holly! I think I would react exactly like you...i wouldnt be able to stop thinking about it.

    Thank you for the reminder. I think its been 5 years since my last one =[ =[ =[ Im going to call the doctors at lunch to make a booking!

    Stay strong xox

  4. Oh no, I hope everything is okay with your test results! I'm glad you decided to share this with us, life isn't sunshine and fashion posts all the time and I think that sharing stuff like this brings the blogging community closer together. Sending you all my best wishes that it comes back clear and there's nothing to worry about xx

  5. Oh hun I hope everything goes alright. Pap smears are nothing to me - after having abnormal results and having to go for a colposcopy (most uncomfortable procedure EVER) I make sure I go and get that damn pap smear every year! Thankfully everything was okay, and all clear. Remember those tests are something like 88% accurate so thats why they recommend further tests.

    Btw those macarons look sooo delish! Theres a thomas dux near my work, and I havent tried their macarons, but you cant go past la belle miette in the city for THE BEST MACARONS EVER. just sayin!

  6. Oh no, I hope your results come back good. I know what it's like to over analyse, even though it's pointless you can't stop it. I hope you get good news very soon so you can relax.

  7. I really truly hop everything comes back clear for you gorgeous. I am thinking of you and remembering that I have never had one - I know how shocking there is and there is a long story behind that, but all that doesn't matter right now... thank you for reminding me.

    Thinking of you and hope you can keep distracted in the next few days xxx

  8. Sending my well wishes and strength.
    I know its easy to say - but stay positive and try and focus on other things.

    No point worrying until you know - but of course as females we just jump to rash conclusions.

    I sincerely hope everything turns out in your favour and am sending the good positive vibes :)


  9. Thinking of you from California!

  10. Hoping everything is okay with you! As a few others have said - there's not really much point worrying until you get thee results. Try and distract yourself from negative thoughts until then because you don't want stress to make you sick too!
    Thanks for the timely reminder though, my dr has been harassing me to get a pap smear so next month I am going to do it!

    Those yellow roses are gorgeous!


  11. I really hate getting pap smears, aside from being uncomfortable there is always that inevitable wait. Hope everything is okay! :)

  12. I hope everything turns out okay hun <3 I had some pretty stressful health news this week too and it's really knocked me around. you can have everything but if you don't have your health it doesn't mean much.

    my fingers are tightly crossed for you xx

  13. I hope things are better :)

    That yellow bunch of roses is lovely for sure!

    Btw, I would be glad if you entered my giveaway

    Pick Your Own Charm Bracelet

  14. Praying for you hun, hope that all that stressing has been for nothing and that your results come out great! On another note, I'm so glad you put up this post.. I need to stop dragging my feet about it and go get one done. You did a good thing by bringing this up.


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  16. I hope everything is alright! Fingers crossed for you


  17. Hope your test results are OK, fingers crossed for you.

  18. All will be good :) thumbs up!

    And yes pap smears are necessary evil. I even had one when I was pregnant! Wished I did not leave it so late and had to do it at 14 weeks or something.

  19. Fingers crossed for an all clear for you. I think it's great you posted on this issue because you could have helped other people.


  20. I've heard Thomas Dux have amazing macarons but I still havn't had the chance to try them out! I also recommend la belle miette on hardware lane in the city
    PS. hot heels! x