Tuesday, April 30, 2013


On Friday the work crew and I decided to expand our variety for Friday lunch and go somewhere else besides the left bank, not too far from there is Wagamama if you haven't been please go! They are more of Asian noodle cuisine.

I will admit they are on the more expensive side - My meal above with a drink was $25.00 but the food was just perfect.

Saturday afternoon the boyfriend and I went to Southland - the boyfriend went straight to the apple store and because we didn't have an appointment this meant we had to wait 1 hour for someone to speak to us which was a bonus for me because the boyfriend was forced to go shopping with me.

I brought a pair of platform black heels for work and I loved them at first but they didn't have my right size so I went with the next size up as that's what I tried on and it was OK but of course my size would of been a perfect fit and now I regret buying them as they probably just a cm or two too big! Ahh always the way - Maybe I'll eBay them.

We brought a nespresso coffee machine on Saturday as our Aldi coffee machine had seen its day for a Aldi coffee machine I was impressed but then I tasted the nespresso coffee and hello I am never turning back! Its actually one of the most compact and easy machines to use - Even for me.

They give you a sample box of the 16 different capsules in which you can purchase and within a day or so we knew which ones we wanted to purchase so on sunday we hit up the Collins Street Nespresso store - this place I know is just a coffee shop but wow! Its feels like you're walking into LV or something! The staff are amazing and the shop is gorgeous.

Speaking of all things lovely just down the road is Tiffany & Co so as we walked passed I reminded the boyfriend that it was my birthday is less than 30 days and we should really go inside and have a looksie around in which he responded "We have to get back to the car - our parking will run out soon" .. Hmm such a typical response.

I'm writing this while watching the Celebrity Splash - I must say I give these people full credits for getting on national TV with only a bathing suite or shorts on - I certainly wouldn't! I guess this starts the roll of the reality TV hitting our screens. I've said it before and I'll say it again I get addicted to all of these silly reality shows but I'll always watch them ha.

What are your favorites on TV at the moment?


  1. I've never liked wagamamas but I dont like communal dining.

    Why don't you return shoes?

    My fave tv at the moment is:
    The voice
    How I met your mother
    Mad men (watching but not loving)
    Hart of Dixie

    Also love suits and pretty little liars but on a break

    1. I Probably should return them - Im just so time poor during the week!
      Ah the voice is a favorite of mine at the moment but there is so much hate on Delta lol!

  2. Ooh, Wagamama! I had some amaaaaazing Japanese-style chips there, like, EONS ago, with an equally amazing wasabi/aioli sauce. Note to self: go back posthaste and have some yummy nosh! Heh.

    (Choc Buddha is usually my go-to, I must say.)

    Faves on TV at the moment?


    The Voice

    ...and I think that's it. Bwah! I'll always watch Friends reruns -- they never get old, no sirree! Heh heh.

  3. Hey hol,
    I have been looking for flats or the small wedge flats, could u take a picture of what u got, I may do a copy cat!

    Tv is totally not hooking me in ATM... Can't even think of one show I watch religiously. I don't mind the voice but if I miss it doesn't phase me. Offspring is going to be back soon, I didn't mind watching that.

  4. Holly! Hope he gets you something spesh for your birthday, even something beginning with T and ending in iffany and Co ;)

    I can't remember if I have ever been to Waggamamas and thought it was a Chain? Is it? If so, I think $25 for lunch is a bit on the ridic side.

    I just can't watch Biggest Loser. I can't help but getting angry at the corp organisations that are making money off these poor people. Anyway thats another story.

    MMMMMMMM Nespresso :)

    Hope you have a great DAY! Yay hump Day!
    - KK

    1. Could you imagine if he brought me T&C for my birthday? hahaha! I would probably fall off my chair haha.. Kidding.

      I think wagamamas is a chain? Im not too sure!? Its amazing tho!

      Thankgod its hump day I need friday here!

    2. Wagamama is defs a chain ladies. There's about 5 in Sydney. So overpriced considering Asian food is normally quite cheap.

      I'm SO time poor as well Hol. New job is keeping me freaking busy.

  5. i really did not want to watch celebrity smash but it kinda did pull me in. no way would i be getting in my togs in front of all those people and diving off scarily high diving boards! Props to the um "celebrities"

  6. Southland! Ooo you were down in ma 'hood! :P

    I've only been to wagamama's once, the one at Chaddy. I remember having black sesame and green tea icecream... delish!

    I can't stand reality TV. Celebrity Splash?! I won't be surprised if that gets canned after a couple of weeks...absolute trash...lol

  7. I've been meaning to try Wagamama's for ages but never got round to it! Must do so!

  8. Lovely heads-up in here! Got my eye celebrity splash and so as your next posts.