Sunday, October 9, 2011

Girls Night

Last night I went out for a girls night to a male burlesque show!!
It was HILARIOUS! These gorgeous men with cheese grater abs dancing on stage with shocking dance moves and possibly more in love with themselves than kim karadashian!
It was a show in Fusion called Princes of the night - Bascially male strippers! It was full of brides to be on their hens night - They did a good job at including the crowd in every aspect of the show

 Apparently we weren't meant to take photos inside the venue..Opps!
 Needless to say as soon as the show was over the night got rather seedy!

These little babies where $9 a glass but so worth it!

Erin & I - Doing what girls do in the bathrooms!

Dont mind if I do?! - It actually didnt taste that great..
D and his friends came to meet us around 11 somewhere in crown we ended up staying til around 1.30 walked and waited about 20 minutes for a taxi while D listened to me complain about the queue (He puts up with alot..hahaha!) Ended up jumping into bed around 2am.

Slept like a baby!


  1. That sounds hilarious! I wouldn't mind going to a male strip show one night. I wonder if most of them are straight?!

  2. Haha I think they are straight, afterwards we had a chance to get "up close and personal" to sit on their laps for a photo.. but they're so sleeazy!