Thursday, October 6, 2011


After work tonight I went to my new hairdressers - Jaggers in Port Melbourne,. Can I just say this place is AMAZING! The two girls that work there are heaven sent! They did an amazing job an it didnt even cost half of what I thought I may of been paying!

The whole hairdressing thing they give you magazines while you wait I was reading OK and 
noticed that Jessica Alba had another baby... HMM..I didn't even know she was pregnant!
(This is why I love going to beauty salons as its the only time I can catch up on all the trashy goss lol!)
I cannot fault Jess, from all the interviews I have seen her in she is so very down to earth and not to mention stunning and that smile of hers, Her two daughters are just gorgeous!

Then I came across the new look that Demi Moore is sporting..
Honestly girl eat something! Apparently her and Ashton are having r'ship issues (Who know though?!)
But the weight she has lost is just wrong.
The only good thing about this photo is her hair!

ANYHOW im sitting in bed with my laptop in awe of my hair haha I love that fresh hair dressers feeling that I can NEVER accomplish at home no matter what I buy, how much I spent on products or whatever leave in treatments I use. Oh well
Savour the moment!

Tomorrow at work we are hosting "Bake a Cake" Which is helping raise money for the Red Cross Appeal and staff need to bake something to bring along and we all make gold coin donations etc,
Soo.. Because Im such a chef in the kitchen I whipped up these little babies!

Om nom nom nom!
No prizes here for 1st place but Oh well..

Friday tomorrow!
Whats your weekend plans?


  1. Haha yeah I never read gossip mags or anything either except when I go to the hairdressers! And then I find out all the new exciting (not) things, before realising that they happened 4 years ago cos they never seem to update the mags. Lol.

    Those cupcakes look sooooo damn good yum!

  2. haha I always read those magazines when I'm getting my hair done, its a good way to catch up on all the gossip lol!

  3. WAAAAH those cupcakes look divine!! so so hungry hahaa!! i know its good with the internet!!! :)