Friday, October 21, 2011

Instagram wrap # 4

This stuff is heaven sent!! I wore a dress earlier this week and when I put it on I realized that it was possibly a little bit too revealing for the office (ha!) so on goes the Hollywood tape - went from Miss.Nightclub to Miss.Corporate.

I came across these heels and D is now well aware after sending him numerous text messages full of hints and also posting this photo on his facebook wall that these are making number 99 on my xmas wish list

I was suprised by a client today when they brought these into the office for me!
Taste so good!!

I was invited to one of our clients who were hosting Pink Ribbon this morning in the building next
Never seen so much pink in my life haha! It looked just beautiful though and such a worthy cause.
I got over 19 likes on my Instagram its so good to know women take this cause so seriously!!

I had this baby for lunch today
I LOVE mangoes one of my favourite things about summer is all the stone fruit that comes out.. Its like heaven to me hahahah


  1. I'm tempted to - but will NOT - go to surrounding suburbs just to buy more Wittner shoes hahaaaa =D Your client sure knows how to throw a party, looks fab! Love instagram blog posts =)

  2. Wow, that morning tea looks amazing!

    I have so many dresses that need hollywood dress - need to get myself some of this!