Friday, October 21, 2011

Puddle Mania

What do you know its raining again in Melbourne -  two straight days of pure heat and sunshine then Friday greets us with rain and puddles..
Here is a view of my world at 7am this morning from underneath my umbrella

Funniest part I looked down at my iPhone to see "Rain on me" By pitball playing
Ironic Ha.
Now for the best part of my morning -  Two people from our company chose to volunteer to sell pink ribbons at 550 Bourke St to support and raise money for the cancer council we were told to arrive at 7.30 and we arrived shortly after only to be told the concierge arrives at 8am and we couldnt do anything until then.
This guy with tatts and piercings rocks up at 8.05am
We get told to that we need to have 15 minute Induction if we are to stand in the lobby and sell.
None of this was mentioned to us before hand - not even by the cancer council project manager - So off me and my work collegue go down to the loading dock to get told we cannot start our induction for another 10minutes because the guy was off getting his coffee?

Waste of time!
By the time we had our induction and finished it would of been quater to nine - we were rosted to volunteer from 8 til 8.30am
Im all for volunteering but honestly?! I woke up 6am for this!


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