Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ASOS # 2

ASOS has done it again!
70% off

I placed my order for these goodies

Was $79 I brought it for $29

 This one was $49 and I brought it for $19
I love the back to this its a bow shape and has open slits
(Ideally wanted it in another colour but this was all they had left! Still love it!)

I also brought this to add to my ever growing collection of lipsticks

I love coral coloured lipsticks they're so easy to work with

I brought alot of red huh? Ah well this will be a good thing Im always needing to bring colour into my wardrobe.. I love patterns and colour! Considering most days Im stuck in the black corporate world!

Another gold star for ASOS  :)


  1. oh those dresses are gorgeous! love the colours :) i also did a mini asos shop today too.. all the summery things for the beach, yay! & yes i agree the weather was much lovelier today, i even got burnt!x

  2. Hey hun, thanks for your lovely comment :) Ive yet to buy anything off Asos yet, a bit worried it wont fit and dont wanna get stung by the exchange rate...I will do it one day though! xx

  3. rad bargains! I'm stocking up now myself too! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  4. love that colour but i'm banning myself from ASOS for a while :( damn credit card! lol x

  5. nice buys, especially the red dress!

    Just saw your comment on my post: I live at home with my parents, so i don't have too many finances, but if i was outside of home then it'll be a whole different story.

    Having linked accounts (online with daily transaction) makes it easy to access money (oops!) so hence i've decided to take the plunge and put it in another account in different bank. Just leftover money from my tax return.

    And being a casual worker (a student soon to finish) it can be hard to save money, but i always tend to blow my casual job pay on different things (non-necessities), so hence i've decided to try this method of putting money into another account :). Hopefully this will work, until i can find a proper job :(

    Sorry about the lengthy essay time response :)