Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ASOS arrived

I was so excited when this little baby arrived at work this morning

I had waited over 2 weeks for my order
- ASOS Dalmatian Print Balloon Blouse
- ASOS Midi Bell Skirt

 Ripped it open! Felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

I love the sleeve's on this blouse, but guess what! None of them fit they are all too big.. (Boo!) So off they go back for my refund! 
Am I the only one who has trouble with sizing for ASOS?
Its such a hit and miss for me!


  1. What size are you? My sister and I are the ASOS masters. They vary alot in sizes ... like a 10 could be an 8 or it could be 14 sometimes :(

  2. Usually a 6 or an 8 So I ordered an 8 but no luck haha!

  3. Their sizing is all over the place I find! Babybluez